Wise words indeed

Check out this blog post by Chris Brooks entitled Things I Want For Every Guitar Player. I won’t spoil it for ya by reposting the actual thing here, but it all adds up to some great advice and it will give you a lot to think about. And guitar’s a thinking man’s game, innit. Reminds me of a few books that I’ve found really helpful, Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo and The Inner Game Of Music by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey.

Chris Brooks is a working guitarist from Sydney, Australia. His latest album is The Axis of All Things and it’s available from www.chrisbrooks.com and all good digital retailers.

Christmas gift ideas for guitarists


PickBay is a great way of either framing a special pick to keep with you – the pick you caught at a Steve Vai gig, the promotional one that came with your copy of Paul Gilbert’s Alligator Farm CD, the one you used at your first gig, or whatever – or for just making sure you always have a pick or three handy when you need them.

Link: PickBay

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New Chris Brooks CD!

Hey! Head over to chrisbrooks.com or iTunes and get Chris Brooks’s new CD, The Axis Of All Things! I’ll post a review of the CD soon.

Chris is a ridiculously, offensively talented guitarist. Here’s a bit of info from his site (and you can check him out on Facebook too):

Chris Brooks is an Australian guitar player, recording artist, teacher and Suhr Guitarsartist based in Sydney, Australia.

With his debut solo album, ‘The Master Plan’, Chris delivered an exciting and diverse instrumental release. Forming a tapestry of melodic themes, soaring solos and fiery excursions in rock, progressive metal and rock-fusion, ‘The Master Plan’ is a must have album for fans of dazzling guitar work, imaginative songwriting, and creative arrangements. Hear for yourself why the word about Chris Brooks is spreading!

Chris’ new album “The Axis of All Things” comes out September 25, 2011!

Chris has recorded or played live with members of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force,Black Sabbath / Heaven & Hell, LORD, Steve Paoli’s War Machine, Lana Lane, Age of Nemesis, and been featured in major magazines like Burrn!, Metal Hammer, Sweden Rock and Young Guitar. Chris most recently appears on LORD’s “Set in Stone” album.