Rebecca Dirks Handpaints Awesome 12AX7 Xmas Ornaments

XmasI would have saved these for the forthcoming I Heart Guitar holiday gift guide but who am I kidding: they’re too cool to wait, and will probably be sold out by then anyway! Rebecca Dirks – you know her from those awesome Rig Rundown videos when she was with Premier Guitar – has made a batch of Christmas tree ornaments using real pre-loved 12AX7 preamp tubes. You can buy them on Etsy but you’d better be quick! The listing reads:

“Have your passion for guitar tastefully represented on your Christmas tree with a unique 12AX7 tube ornament made by me, Rebecca Dirks!

Each tube is unique and made to order and available painted or unpainted. Hand-painted tubes can feature snowflakes, an initial, a guitar silhouette (of your choice), or a logo. Please specify custom paint instructions on checkout. Read More …

Christmas gift ideas for guitarists


PickBay is a great way of either framing a special pick to keep with you – the pick you caught at a Steve Vai gig, the promotional one that came with your copy of Paul Gilbert’s Alligator Farm CD, the one you used at your first gig, or whatever – or for just making sure you always have a pick or three handy when you need them.

Link: PickBay

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Ultra last minute DIY Christmas gifts for guitarists

“Oh crap! It’s Christmas day and I haven’t got anything for XXXX… and we have to leave for their house in 10 minutes!” We’ve all been there, right? You plan and plot but you can’t possibly remember to get gifts for everyone, can you? Well that’s where I Heart Guitar comes to the rescue. Did you know that with a little clever recontextualisation, ordinary items around the house can become the ultimate last-minute gift idea for the guitarist in your life? It’s true! Obsoive:

Personalised picks

Everyone loves personalised guitar picks (I have some killer custom picks from Grover Allman). But if it’s Christmas morning you obviously don’t have time to get the fine folks at Grover Allman to whip up a batch of picks and send them off to you, so what do you do? Here’s what: rummage around in the breadbox to look for bread tags (or ‘Toast Tickets’ as they’re called in my house, at least by me, at least when nobody is around). You’re bound to find at least a couple that had somehow dropped off their associated bread baggie and escaped your view for the last six months or so. Then you just need a magic marker (or a Dymo tape labeller if your guitarist buddy prefers the textured vibe) and a steady hand. Christmas saved! You’re welcome.

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