EVH 5150III 1×12 50-watt combo amp

EVH 5150III 1x12 50W Combo

Gooood… goooooooood. Eddie Van Halen’s EVH has announced the release of the long-awaited 5150III 50-watt combo amp with a single 12″ speaker and power scaling. Note that it’s a pretty damn big amp – none of this ‘just enough space to cram a twelve-incher into (hehe). So this isn’t exactly a mini amp by any stretch of the imagination – in fact it almost looks as big as the 2X12 version! I look forward to testing this beastie out some day. Here’s the press release:

PRESS RELEASE: After nearly three years in development, EVH is pleased to announce the launch of the 5150III 1×12 50-watt combo amplifier. This is not your average 1×12 combo by any stretch. In line with Eddie Van Halen’s legacy, this 1×12 is a true game changer, making players swear they’re standing in front of a half-stack. Read More …

REVIEW: Peavey 6505+ 112

The 6505+ has a storied history. Its ancestry can be traced back to the 5150, Eddie Van Halen’s first signature amp. That screamer wasn’t quite flexible enough for some players (including Eddie, it seemed), so the 5150 II was produced, featuring a more useful clean channel. When Eddie left Peavy, the 5150’s spirit lived in on the form of the 6505 and 6505+, which drew from the designs of the 5150 and 5150 II, respectively. While the head versions are 120 watt monsters, the 6505+ 112 is a 60 watt combo version with a single 12″ speaker.

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