Ever scored a killer guitar bargain? A rare treasure, a cool oddity, or even just a standard model at an awesome price? Me too. But it’s hard work finding the damn things. A new site is making the hunt a whole lot easier: It’s only just launched but there are already quite a few guitar resources listed. And it’s created by my buddy Scott from Seymour Duncan, who really knows his stuff! So check it out. Press release below.


SANTA BARBARA, CA (February 8, 2013) — Walk into your local music store and see if you can find a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Chances are, unless you happen to live next door to Norman’s Rare Guitars, you won’t have much luck. And how do you go about selling a vintage guitar when collectors are spread throughout the world? Starting today, guitar sellers and buyers will have a one-stop resource to find every guitar for sale around the globe. Created as a personal project from Seymour Duncan’s Media Manager Scott Olson, Sell This Guitar uses the web to do what it does best: connect buyers and sellers of guitars, basses and acoustics. Whether you are looking to buy the $99 Squire from the kid down the street, or you’re searching for that ‘52 Goldtop you’ve been dreaming of, Sell This Guitar can help you find it. Using a maps interface, the system allows you to search within your own town or even globally for specific guitars. You can easily sell an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar by clicking where you live, entering a brief description of your instrument and uploading a picture. A simple contact form allows people to get in touch with you without making your email public. Read More …

COOL SITE ALERT: A Little Bit Of Cheek

Some of you, like me, are metal-blasting, riff-flinging, axe-slinging Metal Dads. The Metal Dad is an often-overlooked aspect of society – the kind of guy who takes his 4-year-old along to the House Of Blues to see Ozzy Osbourne and Slash in the flesh, or who explains to their kid the finer points of the difference between Van Halen and Van Hagar on the way to kindergarten. A Little Bit Of Cheek has a fine selection of gear for Metal Dads to adorn their Metal Kids in, including some rather metal cot quilts, pacifiers, clothing, and rock-oriented rewards charts. Start their metal education early, I say!

COOL SITE ALERT: Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Check out this great site. In need of a tuner but don’t have anything at hand? Go to for an automatic chromatic tuner built right into the website. There are other sites that purport to be online turners but they just play a tone which you have to match with your ears – great for ear training, but not so great if you need to accurately tune your guitar with no guesswork.

Head to to check it out.


I just stumbled across this site through a news story on, a place for you to buy, sell or trade your metalabilia. The site also offers the ability to promote your band to other like-minded metalheads. It seems like a very cool idea and I’m gonna sign up so I can find me some sweet, sweet metallic rarities (oh and also I need to buy Black Sabbath’s Cross Purposes on CD cos I only have a low-quality ripped MP3 version from when my brother and I were living together and shared our CD collections way back when. Maybe I’ll find it on HeavyMetalBay!).

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