NEWS: Warmoth Body and Neck builders, and the awesomeness of custom guitars

One of my favouritest memories is building a guitar with my dad when I was in my early teens. We didn’t build it from scratch or anything, we just assembled it out of parts. It all started when a family friend was dropping off some trash at the dump and he happened to spot a guitar in the pile of rubbish. Knowing I was a guitarist he plucked it from the pile, cleaned it up a bit and gave it to me. After I cleaned it up a lot more, it was somewhat playable, except for the fact that it didn’t have any electronics apart from the pickups. It had a badly-handmade neck that was obviously made by somebody in their shed, while the body (a black Telecaster design) was made of what I think is mahogany (it certainly looks like it), but in about 5 layers. This guitar is stupidly heavy and it has almost no sustain whatsoever, but it sounds monstrous, especially after we bought a (professionally) handmade neck, added some DiMarzio pots and pickup selector switch, and threw in a set of Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Telecaster pickups.

Anyway, the point of all this nostalgic blathering is that I found building my own guitar with my dad to be really rewarding, and that was the first thing I thought of when I read the following press release from Warmoth, even though I’m currently putting together an Ibanez custom without my old man’s assistance (although when he sees the Ibanez I bet he’s gonna love it). I think it’s awesome that Warmoth is offering such extensive options, and I can’t help thinking that if we had The Internetz back when I was in my early teens (yes kids, I remember a time pre-internet, call The Early 90s), I probably would have had several more custom guitars, built with my dad and paid for by getting off my ass and mowing lawns or something.

Anyway, here’s the Warmoth press release.

Warmoth Guitar Products Launches Online Guitar Body & Neck Builders
August 31, 2009

Configure and purchase your dream body or neck anytime, day or night from the comfort of your own computer. The new Warmoth body and neck builders offer dozens of styles and hundreds of possible options to choose from.

Warmoth has a revolving inventory of thousands of bodies and necks for online browsing. And if you need even more options, now you can spec your custom body or neck with the new Warmoth online builders. Warmoth is committed to making sure you have the right look, sound and feel. “We offer a significant bump in quality and options than what you can get from off the rack guitar retailers. Whether it’s a neck that truly fits your hand and playing styles to bodies that sustain for day, or wild finish jobs that will get you noticed, Warmoth parts are the ones the pros come to and our new online body and neck builders facilitate the custom needs and time zones of players around the world.” comments Gregg Stewart, Warmoth’s Marketing Manager. “Customers can even select their own body tops or fingerboards with our Unique Choice options.” The online builders also cross reference available inventory for similar items and more choices.

Warmoth has been building custom parts for almost thirty years and has built for some of the biggest names in the business. Primarily known for Fender® replacement parts, the company offers dozens of body and neck styles. Customers can choose from a wide array of woods and options.

For more information, visit our web site at

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