PRESS002 Credit Justin ReichZakk Wylde’s quarter-century career as shred master supreme is signposted by landmark works like Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tears, his own bands [geo-in country=”Australia” note=””]Zakk Wylde’s[/geo-in]Black Label Society and Pride & Glory, and even brief stints with The Allman Brothers Band (filling in for a gig in 1993) and Guns N’ Roses (joining Slash and co in the last days of that particular G’nR era). But Catacombs of the Black Vatican, the latest album by Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society does what any artist would strive for but so few achieves: it stands out as a masterwork two and a half decades into Zakk’s career, when many artists would just start to coast. With Catacombs Zakk has forged an album that pays tribute to his various influences – Sabbath, Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, the Allmans – and filters it through his own massive musical personality to come up with his most varied, complete collection of songs ever. And his guitar playing is utterly ferocious, as usual. Read More …

Dario Lorina Joins Black Label Society

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.45.25 PMRemember those ‘Dario Lorina is Ozzy’s new guitarist!’ rumours that were swirling around a few years ago? That didn’t pan out (the gig went to Gus G and it was never clear if it was just rumour or wishful thinking from some Dario fans) but in a new and wonderful twist, Dario has just been named new guitarist in Black Label Society alongside the mighty Zakk Wylde. This is ultra awesome news: as well as being a member of Lizzy Borden and playing in the late Jani Lane’s band, Dario recently released an incredible solo album via Shrapnel Records which taps into the Shrapnel legacy and shows of his incredible rhythm and lead chops, and it’s going to be awesome to hear what he will do with Black Label Society. He can certainly keep up with Zakk and will be able to bring his own thing into the mix too. Be sure to Grab his solo album from

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NEWS: So who’s spreading these Dario Lorina/Ozzy rumours?

…cos I don’t buy this as a legit cover and I would appreciate being proved wrong. It certainly doesn’t help the case of whoever whipped this mockup together (top) that they just lifted the song transcriptions from an old issue (bottom) from 2001…

Is it a mock-up made by a Lorina fan for fun, which has started to filter through messageboards and be taken out of context?

For more on my coverage of this rumour, check out THIS STORY.

So regardless of the fake Guitar World cover, what do you think? Is Lorina Ozzy’s new guitarist? Or Gus G?

NEWS: So what’s going on, Ozzy? Dario Lorina? Gus G?

Urgh, have you been following this messy story? In summary:

* Ozzy gives interview saying Zakk’s out. Zakk has no idea what’s going on.

* Zakk still has no idea what’s going on.

* Rumours start to circulate that a new guitarist has been picked. An anonymous poster tells I Heart Guitar (in the comments section of this post) that Dario Lorina has been picked as the new guitarist (prompting me to run this sneaky profile of Dario Lorina while waiting for more news).

* Blabbermouth reports that several different sources have told it that Gus G of Firewind will perform with Ozzy at Blizzcon.

So what’s the true story? I sure as heck don’t know!

If Zakk’s really been booted out without so much as a phone call, that’s a pretty lame way for things to go down. Zakk’s a huge part of the Ozzy Osbourne legacy and deserves much better than this.


I recently saw this awesome interview with Lag-playing guitarist Dario Lorina on Metal Sludge and thought “that dude’s I Heart Guitar worthy.” At the age of 16 he was playing guitar for Jani Lane. He has since graduated to the lead guitar spot in Lizzy Borden, and there are rumours swirling about that he’s about to take on a pretty big job with a much higher profile. What could that be? So I’m issuing an official Cool Player Alert for Dario Lorina. By the way, notice that he simultaneously looks like both Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde (when Zakk first joined Ozzy, I mean)?

Here’s a little excerpt from his bio:

Dario Lorina is a 19-year-old guitarist who has been making waves in the music industry. At age 16, he was recognized for his passion and what some may call exceptional talent, and began touring with multi-platinum songwriter and Warrant front man, Jani Lane. During that time Dario strongly made a reputation and name for himself as a player and has gained the respect of many which has given him the opportunity to play with various notable artists. He has been touring consistently throughout the USA and Europe since 2006.

“Dario Lorina, playing it the way it should be played”…Jani Lane (Warrant)

In 2006 he was featured in an instructional video entitled “Rock Begins” which was targeted towards a younger audience and taught the basics of rock guitar. He’s received attention from major companies, USA and abroad, such as Coffin Case, Marshall Amps, Crafter USA, Snap Jack Cables, Sfarzo Strings, PikCard and the European guitar company, LAG who has since invited him to the annual Musikmesse fair in Frankfurt, Germany for the past two years to work with the company on promoting their guitars. Dario was featured in Guitar Player Magazine and Europe’s Guitare Xtreme Magazine and asked to join Motorhead for a song at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. He is also featured in the Music Star Productions new All Star DVD (2008) with George Lynch, Bruce Kulick, Jennifer Batten and Darrell Roberts as “Next Generation of Rock Guitar” with Dario Lorina and more. (See Blog)

“He has the skill and heart that reminds me of Randy Rhoads”…Vegas Rocks Magazine

Here’s some video of Dario shredding it up at NAMM

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