INTERVIEW: Steve Stevens

Photo: Hristo Shindow

Steve Stevens is about to hit Australia for a clinic tour (an earlier scheduled tour was cancelled when Allans Billy Hyde went under – don’t worry, they’ve been bought by new owners now, but that’s another story). Stevens will be showcasing the latest and greatest gear from Roland and BOSS, including the Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster and Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer, as well as offering insights into guitar playing and generally sharing his decades of knowledge and experience. I Heart Guitar caught up with Stevens to talk clinics, gear and his new project with Sebastian Bach.

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Every clinic is different: what can we expect from yours?

Well Roland are bringing me to Australia, and I’ll be demoing the new GR-55 as well as their new G-5  which is made by Fender, and also their Virtual Guitar, the VG Guitar. Regardless of the whole electronics side of it, the guitars themselves are really great. You’re going to get a great Fender Stratocaster, to begin with, and all the other stuff is like an added bonus. I’ve found that touring with it I end up carrying a lot less guitars with me because one guitar can replicate a 12-string, a Dobro and all these other things. So it’s been really handy for me.


That technology has really come of age recently. I remember trying some stuff about 20 years ago that was cool for the time, but you look back on it and it’s like “…Oh.”

Yeah. I was actually the first person to bring the GR-700 into the States. I was in Japan to do press for Rebel Yell and they brought me up to this very secretive room at Roland and they had the GR-700 there. I convinced them to let me bring it with me because we were getting ready to do the Flesh For Fantasy video. That was like the first guitar synthesiser I had from them. Read More …


RJM Music is offering The Tone Saver, the same audio buffer circuit found in their high end audio switching products such as the Effect Gizmo and the Rack Gizmo, but placed in a compact pedal sized enclosure. The first one was sent to Dave Friedman, who used it in Steve Lukather’s new pedalboard.

To order the Tone Saver, go to RJM Music’s webstore. RJM dealers will be getting them soon.

EVH’s new pedalboard

Earlier today Fujigen Guitars paid a visit to amp wizard Dave Friedman and guitarist Steve Stevens. Friedman is pretty well-known for his association with Eddie Van Halen, and Fujigen Guitars posted the following on their Twitter:

I found some EVH’s rack gears for Van Halen’s next world tour(?) at North Hollywood.

Nice! Note the EVH-branded loop switcher in front, made in the same style as the EVH 5150III’s footswitch. I wonder if this is a one-off unit made for Eddie, or if a loop switcher will eventually be released under the EVH brand. It’s also nice to see that obviously well-used Jim Dunlop EVH Crybaby on the board.

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]EVH stuff on Musician’s Friend:

EVH 5150 III amp head

EVH High Top Sneakers 

EVH Frankenstein Humbucker EVH Wolfgang Bridge Humbucker

EVH D-Tuna Drop D Tuning System Chrome

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