Looks like Dean has some cool new stuff coming out…

Got the Dean mail-out yesterday with info about their NAMM webcast and 35th anniversary celebrations. The graphic at the top of the email looked cool enough – bitchen two-headed eagle thing, NAMM dates, booth number… but then I looked in the bottom left corner, two axes tucked away behind another:

Good lord. It’s a Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine signature with a Peace Sells …But Who’s Buying? graphic, and a version (with a different headstock) of one of Dimebag Darrell’s lesser-known but cooler Dean MLs! In fact, this was the guitar Dime was using in one of the first pics I ever saw of him, in a Randall ad back in the day when Dime went by the name Diamond Darrell publicly instead of Dimebag Darrell. You can see Dime using this axe in this video for “Primal Concrete Sledge,” and that’s what this Dean model is named: the Dime ‘Concrete Sledge’ ML. The original was actually a Washburn neck on a Dean body.

Keep an eye on Dean’s website and I Heart Guitar at NAMM time!

Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy app now available!

A few weeks ago I posted about being one of the beta testers for the new Dave Mustaine guitar app. Well now it’s here! Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy, from the makers of Rock Prodigy, is available in the app store now. It’s an awesome product which gives you a real insight into Dave’s guitar technique, using full Megadeth songs as source material, and you can then take that information and use it to either become a master of Megadeth riffage, or apply to your own compositions and style.


Check out the app here.


There’s also a contest under way to win a signed Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT guitar! Copy and paste this link http://bit.ly/DM-GP-WD1 to your Facebook wall to enter.



Original Metallica line-up members return for one night only!

Photo from @josemangin‘s Twitter:

Woo! So I hoped it’d happen but I didn’t dare dream. Metallica reunited with original bass player Ron McGovney, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine and – whoa! – even original guitarist Lloyd Grant at the last of their 30th anniversary shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco! This is an even bigger deal than the Big 4 shows!

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NEWS: Mustaine & Spitz, Glee, Def Leppard lullabies, Walker Brothers

Epiphone Prophecy EM-2 Custom FX - click the pic for more info.

‘Ssup. Here are my latest news stories for Gibson.com. The Megadeth story has a little unused snippet from an interview I did with Dave Mustaine for Mixdown magazine in November 2010.

Megadeth, Ex-Anthrax Guitarists Form New Band

Glee Producer Starts His Own Label

Def Leppard Guitarists Record Lullaby Album

Walker Brothers’ John Walker Dies