Kate HunterFor the latest in an occasional series on I Heart Guitar I’ve asked super-talented San Francisco luthier Kate Hunter to list her five favourite guitarists. If you happen to follow Kate on Twitter you’ll know she has rather varied tastes in guitarists as well as in guitar design, and her list certainly reflects that! So without further ado, here’s Kate’s list. Enjoy! 

Hi guys.

So, When Peter suggested I do this list I responded with “Oh, I am ALL over it!” and then proceeded to spend the rest of my day and following night fretting my guts out. All the people I was going to have to leave off the list! It suddenly felt as if Yngwie Malmsteen was going to furiously barge in, shriek “How DARE you!” and crack a scallop-necked rain of tonal pain over me for my insolence, then float off on an angry neoclassical hairspray cloud back to Sweden. Read More …

Sweet & Lowdown screening in June

Since I Heart Guitar has such a widespread readership I don’t often post news that’s so very city-specific, but here in Melbourne the fourth annual Jazz On Film season is almost upon us at acmi (the Australian Centre for the Moving Image). This year the programme is based on the works of two artists: composer Terence Blanchard and writer/director/actor Woody Allen. Among the films selected is Sweet and Lowdown, which tells the story of fictional gypsy jazz guitarist Emmett Ray, who forever lives in the shadow of Django Reinhardt. It’s one of Allen’s lesser-known movies but it’s well worth watching (if you can stand a bit of not-quite-accurate guitar-miming from star Sean Penn, who does a pretty good job all things considered). All of the guitar solos are actually played by guitarist Howard Alden, who also coached Penn on playing the guitar for his role in the film. If you’re in Melbourne (or will be on June 8), book your tickets here. If not, you can get the film on

More info on Jazz On Film here.