DOUBLE NECK GUITAR WEEK – Day 7: Paul Gilbert’s ‘Get Out Of My Yard’ Ibanez PGM

Perhaps one of the coolest double-necks in recent years is the crazy two-necked beast used on the opening track of Paul Gilbert’s ‘Get Out Of My Yard’ album. The bottom neck has only 3 strings, each tuned to E. You can see Paul using this guitar in this clip below. Check out his innovative human capo. The dude should patent this idea quick.

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DOUBLE NECK GUITAR WEEK – Day 3: Ovation Celebrity CSE225

I dunno if it’s cool to mention Richie Sambora or not (in fact I’m pretty sure it’s not, sorry Richie), but the dude sure did a lot for the visibility of Ovation double neck and triple neck guitars over the years.

The CSE225-8TY isn’t an official Sambora model or anything like that, but it sure does remind me of being about 12 years old, watching Bon Jovi videos on late night TV. Jimmy Page also used double-neck Ovation models on the ‘Page & Plant – ‘Unledded’ project of the mid 90s.

Specs are:

6/12-String Acoustic/Electric
Body Type: Custom Super Shallow depth
Top: Solid Spruce
Bracing: Modified Quintad
Scale Length:
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fret Inlay: Abalone, Elite Style
Bridge: Walnut
Rosette: Multi Soundhole 5-Piece Epaulet
Pickup: Thinline
Nutwidth: 6 String 1 11/16, 12 String 1 7/8
Case: GC9115

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DOUBLE NECK GUITAR WEEK – Day 2: Ernie Ball Silhouette 6/12

Check this out. This sweet custom doubleneck guitar originally designed exclusively for Steuart Smith of the Eagles, but now it’s being made available to players everywhere.

The Silhouette 6/12 doubleneck features a 6-string guitar on top with a 12-string guitar below. DiMarzio custom pickups, 3-way switching top and bottom, alder body and 24 frets.

This is almost as cool as Eddie Van Halen’s EBMM double necks with the six string bass on top and regular guitar on the bottom.

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DOUBLE NECK GUITAR WEEK – Day 1: "That Jimmy Page one."

Wow, February crept up quick. After last month’s trial of Sparkly Guitar Week, my new theme weeks find their permanent home here, at the first week of each month.

At the risk of being a bit predictable (and also to get it out of the way early), the first double neck guitar is the Gibson EDS-1275, forever to be known informally as the Jimmy Page model. 12 string on top, 6 string on the bottom, and a whole lotta love in between. If by love you mean mahogany.

When I was a kid, a local music store had an Ibanez copy of this model. I used to stare at it for what felt like hours but never plucked up the courage to ask to play it. Add that to my list of guitars I’ll treat myself to if I ever get insanely rich.

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Random awesome double necks on eBay:

1979 Ibanez ST1300

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