Alright, I’m an Ibanez geek. Sure, I own and love other guitars, but Ibanii still outnumber all of them. My RG550s are great workhorses, my RG seven-strings are brilliant instruments, and my Talman TC825 is killer. So forgive me if I gaze longingly at this beauty: the new RG2XXV, part of Ibanez’s 25th Anniversary celebrations for the RG as we know and love it today (there were RG models prior to this but they looked very different: the line was redeveloped alongside the development of the Jem and announced in 1987).

The RG2XXV is less expensive than the RG1XXV announced earlier in the year. It features Ibanez INF pickups, an Edge Zero II bridge, basswood body, three-piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets, coloured dot inlays, a Wizard III neck shape and DR coated strings. It’s available in Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent yellow.

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INTERVIEW: Mark Dronge of DR Strings

Mark Dronge with Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead

Here at I Heart Guitar we (and by we I mean me) are just as geeky about gear companies and the people behind them as ‘we’ are about music and the people who make it. And it’s always enlightening to hear from those who are behind the gear that helps us to make music. Mark Dronge, president of DR Strings, comes from a family with an important musical heritage: his father Al Dronge founded Guild.  So I Heart Guitar would like to know…

Tell us a little about your background. Your father founded Guild – what was it like to grow up around the musical instrument industry?

Growing up I was always aware of music especially piano and guitar. I am older than most people on the planet. I liked listening to music in my home…Broadway tunes, classical music, jazz. But I remember hating music on the radio. It was so bad until I was in high school. Elvis Presley’s music was the first listenable radio music. And then in the 60’s everything exploded…thank goodness. So what do I like now? Not one thing. I would not buy a heavy metal CD, but I love the energy of a heavy metal live concert. Great guitar music is always great to listen to, as are wonderful vocalists. Stefan Grossman of finger picking fame is an old favorite. And of course when I first heard Adele I was as excited as the first time I went to a Grateful Dead concert back in 1967.

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NAMM 2011: DR Strings booth visit

DR Strings were showing off their sweet Neons at NAMM, both on Media Preview Day (the first and last shots) and at the show itself. These strings look awesome and I have a set sitting here waiting to review as soon as I get a minute. I can’t wait to see how they play – they certainly look cool, especially on those Warwick basses and Framus guitars.