VIDEO: Megadeth ‘Countdown To Extinction’ Live

Countdown LiveThe mighty Megadeth have just released Countdown To Extinction: Live on Blu-Ray, DVD and CD, chronicling last year’s tour comemmorating that classic album’s 20th anniversary. Countdown was a huge album for me, since it was the first Megadeth album that I was able to anticipate the release of; I became a fan after the release of Rust In Peace. And some of the songs from Countdown are still huge for me. “Symphony Of Destruction,” of course, because who hasn’t sweated over that solo? But especially “Architecture Of Aggression.” I’m not sure what it is about that song that hooked me so much but it’s always been one of my favourites. I always loved the title track too, with that cool guitar/bass interplay. Here’s a clip of them performing it from the DVD/Blu-Ray: Read More …

Black Sabbath Melbourne Gigs Coming To DVD


Is there anything sweeter than when one of your favourite bands releases a live DVD? Well, maybe when one of your favourite bands releases a live DVD of a concert that you yourself went to! While I can’t guarantee that this applies to your personal situation, if you’re like me and the other 30,000 or so people who saw Black Sabbath when they played in Melbourne, Australia a few months ago, you’re going to relive the experience on their new DVD, Gathered In Their Masses! Due for release on on November 26 via Vertigo/Republic, Gathered In Their Masses contains footage from Sabbath’s April 29 and May 1, 2013 concerts here in Melbourne. And it’s going to kick ass. Here’s the trailer. Read More …

Rolling Stones’ Crossfire Hurricane Comes To DVD, Blu-ray

StonesPRESS RELEASE: Eagle Rock Entertainment releases The Rolling Stones’ Crossfire Hurricane on DVD and Blu-ray.  Crossfire Hurricane is the kaleidoscopic new film that documents the key periods of the Rolling Stones’ career and their incredible journey. Directed by Brett Morgen, Crossfire Hurricane provides a remarkable new perspective on the Stones’ unparalleled journey from blues-obsessed teenagers in the early 60’s to rock royalty. It’s all here in panoramic candor, from the Marquee Club to Hyde Park, from Altamont to Exile, from club gigs to stadium extravaganzas. Read More …

The Beatles ‘Help!’ Coming To Blu-Ray

Help!My son is a huge Beatles fan. Dude is six years old and he loves them. Every now and then he’ll tell me how sad he is that ‘John Lemon’ is dead. And he loves Yellow Submarine. He’s already got (okay, I’ve already got) the previous release of Help! on DVD, but now that rather excellent film is about to be released on Blu-ray for the first time, with an hour of extra features. And I dunno about you, but this is definitely on my ‘Must own on Blu-ray as well’ list. Here’s the press release: Read More …

REVIEW: Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day

It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since the surviving members of Led Zeppelin reunited (with Jason Bonham on drums) for a one-off show at London’s O2 Arena in honour of Atlantic Records exec Ahmet Ertegün. But what’s really hard to believe is that it happened at all. Robert Plant seems to have a love/hate relationship with Zeppelin, proud of the band’s achievements and even willing to revisit them in various forms with Jimmy Page from time to time (the No Quarter album, Walking Into Clarksdale, a few semi-reunion mini sets in the 80s), but never ready to fully commit to anything with the Zeppelin stamp on it. And it doesn’t look like this will be happening again, so Celebration Day is really all you’re likely to get in terms of new music made by Led Zeppelin.

So what have we got here? A whopping sixteen tracks of Zeppelin classics rendered by three of the four guys who made it happen (and a goodly chunk of DNA from the remainder), in CD and DVD/Blu-Ray form. Kicking off with Good Times, Bad Times, Plant gives a kind of wry wink to the opening couplet: “In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man. Now I’ve reached that age I try to do all those things the best I can.” Plant’s starts off a little tentative here, but it doesn’t take him long to find his groove. Page’s guitar is characteristically raw and un-finessed, but that’s part of what makes him so freaking cool. He never needed to stand still and strum away in the background back in the day, and he’s not going to start now. A blisteringly loose but authoritative solo really kicks Good Times, Bad Times into overdrive and the energy level is cranked.

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Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender



There’s another unseen interview from 1985 filmed on set of ‘I Was Born To Love You.’ Very funny, Freddie tells us how Queen was in a lift when they found out they were no.1 with Bohemian Rhapsody, jumped for joy and the lift stopped. ‘We thought we’d all suffocate in the damned lift.’

Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the Freddie Mercury DVD and Blu-ray, The Great Pretender.  Created by the same team behind the widely acclaimed Queen: Days of Our Lives BBC documentary, The Great Pretender, in similar vein, presents a compelling insight into its subject matter, unearthing previously undiscovered or rarely seen footage and presented for the first time in High Definition.

Produced and directed by Rhys Thomas, life-long Queen fan and expert (to the extent that Rhys famously broke the Mastermind all time record points score with a specialist subject of Queen), Rhys has this time turned his attention to the Freddie archive, going back as early as 1976 in search of vintage gems which reveal more than ever before the inside story of Freddie’s life and career and the solo projects he worked on outside of Queen.  Read More …

The Raconteurs Live At Montreux 2008


The Raconteurs Live At Montreux 2008

On 18 June 2012, Eagle Rock Entertainment release Live At Montreux 2008 by The Raconteurs.  Filmed in high definition, this show will be simultaneously released on DVD and Blu-ray formats.  This is the first ever video release by The Raconteurs and features tracks from both their top 10 albums including the singles “Steady, As She Goes”, “Many Shades Of Black”, “Broken Boy Soldier”, “Salute Your Solution” and more.

The Raconteurs were formed in 2005 by Jack White of The White Stripes, acclaimed solo artist Brendan Benson and drummer Patrick Keeler and bassist Jack Lawrence from The Greenhornes. Their debut album “Broken Boy Soldiers” charted at No.2 in the UK and follow up “Consolers Of The Lonely” went in at No.8. Both albums were also Top 10 in the USA. This performance from Montreux in 2008 was part of the tour in support of their second album. The setlist is split between songs from the two albums and includes covers of Terry Reid’s “Rich Kid Blues” and the old Charley Jordan track “Keep It Clean”. 

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Rolling Stones – Some Girls, Live In Texas 1978

I’ve been in a particularly Stonesy mood lately. If you are too, join me in diggin’ this!


Continuing their partnership with the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world, Eagle Rock Entertainment have announced the DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Rolling Stones Some Girls Live in Texas 1978. Available for the first time ever on November 21, Some Girls Live in Texas 1978 features Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman live in concert during the 1978 US tour which followed the release of their groundbreaking album Some Girls.

Some Girls Live in Texas 1978 comes hot on the heels of the huge success of 2010’s Stones in Exile and Ladies & Gentlemen and marks the next stage in the Eagle Vision / Rolling Stones enterprise. Some Girls Live in Texas 1978 will be available on four different formats: DVD, Blu-Ray, plus special edition DVD + CD and Blu-Ray + CD digipack presentations including a reproduction tour program. Bonus features on all formats will include a new interview with Mick Jagger.

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