Earl Slick Releases Own Guitar Line

slickguitarsiconLegendary guitarist Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon, Little Caesar and official Coolest Man Alive) has partnered with GFS Pickups to release a whole line of guitars and pickups, in addition to the strap line that Slick had been working on with GFS. When I interviewed Slick for Premier Guitar last year he said he was working on a P-90 pickup with the company. I guess a lot can happen in a year! The line includes four guitars (based on a Strat, a Les Paul, a Melody Maker and a Telecaster), plus a whole bunch of pickups including humbuckers, P90s, and single coils for Strat and Tele. Personally I really dig a couple of the guitars – I’d use the heck out of the SL54 for raw rock and for pickup experiments (who doesn’t want a single-humbucker rock axe, right?), and the SL59 looks like a lot of fun for filthy blues and punk. More pics below. Read More …

REVIEW: David Bowie – The Next Day

David-Bowie-The-Next-Day1-1David Bowie’s always at his best when he’s fucking with your idea of who David Bowie is. He achieves that on The Next Day by shattering the idea that he’s a 66-year-old dude making his first album in ten years. It’s no mistake that the cover features a defacing of the artwork for Heroes – this album could fit in very neatly between Heroes and Scary Monsters, with additional little teases and hints here and there which recall moments from 1.Outside, Heathen, Tin Machine II, Station To Station and Let’s Dance. But perhaps the most overt ode to the Bowie of old is You Feel So Lonely You Could Die, which sounds suspiciously like a long-lost track from the Ziggy Stardust sessions, before confirming your sense of “this sounds familiar” by ending with the lonesome drum beat from Five Years. It’s one of those cheeky intertextual moves that Bowie weaves into his catalog so easily.  Read More …

NAMM: Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs + Earl Slick & Orianthi

It was one of the coolest damn things ever: Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs with special surprise guests Earl Slick and Orianthi rocking the Duesenberg Guitars and 65 Amps party at the Imperial Ballroom in Fullerton, California as part of NAMM 2013. I had the stupidly good luck to be there with a few friends so I got to see this killer performance in person.

Check it out!

I Miss You, David Bowie

I never had time for David Bowie.

That changed when I was 16 though. I read an article in the newspaper, an interview with Bowie about his then-new album , 1.Outside. It was a concept album, planned to be the first of a series, one to be released each year until 2000 or something like that. (It didn’t quite end up happening like that. 1.Outside was the only disc released from the project). In the interview Bowie talked about his creative process and his assumption of different characters and stuff like that, and as a teenager struggling with his sense of identity and coming to terms with what it meant to be a creative person, I was intrigued. Accompanying the article was a competition: you could win the album by phoning up and answering a trivia question or something. I did, and I won. So my first Bowie album was possibly his most impenetrable, his darkest, his moodiest. The one with a graphic depiction of a disembowled cadaver in the booklet.  Read More …

COOL GEAR ALERT: Framus Earl Slick signature

Earl Slick is one of the Coolest Guitarists In The World. I’ve been fortunate to be in his immediate presence twice in my life (including bumping into him in the gents’ at Ding Dong Lounge when he did a gig with Gail Ann Dorsey, Mike Garson and Gerry Leonard), and I’ve been 58% cooler as a direct result ever since. Framus has honoured Slick’s unstoppably rockworthy guitar playing in the form of a cool new signature model, which you can see here. I took that photo above at NAMM while Slick himself hung around telling people about the new axe and looking impossibly cool.

The guitar is kitted out with a Graphtech Black Tusq nut, DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary or P90 pickups, TonePros bridge (Bigsby optional), passive MEC electronics, swamp ash body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. One thing I think is particularly cool is the control layout (see below). Retrotastic! By the way, you can connect with Aussie Framus distributor Dominant Music on Facebook.