NEWS: Buy one of Dave Mustaine’s personal guitars!

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is going to auction off some of his personal guitars. If anyone wants to show their appreciate for I Heart Guitar by buying me one of these, I won’t be offended, hehe. Dave is going to sell his Korean-made Dean VMNTs and replace them with more US-made ones. I guess it says a lot about the quality of the Korean construction that Dave has been using them for so long, and because they’re his personal guitars I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve benefited from a custom shop fret-dress or two. I’m not sure yet which guitars will be sold, but the picture above is the VMNT Rust In Peace just for kicks. CLICK HERE for my recent interview with Dave.

Here’s a post by Dave on the official Megadeth forum on

With the incredible demand, and the constant orders being filled with DEAN guitars for the Dave Mustaine Signature Line, we had decisions to make in keeping up with the orders. This is a great problem to have, and because the ‘Korean made’ DEAN guitars are so remarkable, I agreed to play these while the USA models were being made, and to give my complete support and understanding as we got this new venture with DEAN underway, and I have been so happy with any and all of the guitars they have presented me with, that it wasn’t until recently that I even remembered there was a difference!

However, being one of the more finicky guitarists, I wanted to have the USA guitars for my collection, which is made up of several other brands I have in storage, and the rest are my quiver of DEAN guitars.

I have several of these incredible DEAN Korean models, and I have conferred with Elliot Rubison that we are going to replace this arsenal of six-string weaponry – the Korean guitars – with the USA guitars.

Here’s where you come in: we are going to auction off all of my Korean ones. We are also going to take the winning bid and donate all the winnings (after the auction is closed and shipping and handling charges are deducted) to a (unnamed as of yet – deciding between two recipients still) charity this year. Dave McRobb will be working with DEAN and many of our partners to bring awareness of this auction before the Holidays, and I encourage you, if you can’t afford to bid for these KILLER KOREAN GUITARS, then you can show your support by just spreading the word (banners, fliers, whatev!) and drawing as much success for these menacing war toys, to benefit some needy children this Christmas. Until then, have a great Holiday Season, God Bless you all, and thank you for your support.

CLICK HERE for the Megadeth eBay store which is where I’m guessing the guitars will be auctioned when the time comes.

NEWS: Prototype Krank head on eBay

An original 100 watt Krank prototype amp head is listed on eBay at the moment, and visually it’s waaaaaaaay different to the killer Krank amps we know and love today.

Here’s an excerpt from the listing:

Lead channel provides tons of gain with Bass Treb, mid, presence and sweep and sounds similar to a JCM 800 with mods, Bogner or other vintage style botique amp. It also cleans up a bit if you back off on the gain and your playing.

Clean channel is similar to a older Fender with Bass and treb controls and a push pull bright switch.

2 Channel (standard 1/4 inch footswitch)

Built to last a long time ! Works and sounds great with no issues.

4 6CA7EH Power Tubes

Switchable impedance 4 8 16

This is a cool 100W 2 channel Guitar head that sounds great. If you like boutique style amps like Bogners, Soldanos and other names you will love the unique yet versatile sound of the lead channel on this amp. Rhythm channel is very clean and is similar to a Fender amp.

It was recently serviced by Tony Dow of KRANK and has a clean bill of heath.

This was one of the first Krank amplifiers and was hand built by Tony Dow about 10 years ago. The box (cabinet) is actually a Marshall JCM 800 2203 dummy that Tony got from George Lynch.

Sounds cool, huh?

CLICK HERE to see the amp on eBay.

CLICK HERE for my review of the Krank Revolution +

CLICK HERE for my review of the KRANK Rev SST

NEWS: Meester Sparkle – Rare Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, Gibson

Some might say the only thing cooler than a sweetass Ibanez, ESP or Jackson is a sweetass Ibanez, ESP or Jackson that’s not readily available in the west. Meestur Sparkle to the rescue! I just came across this eBay seller today and my-oh-my do they have some great stuff. It’s a scientific fact that all the best guitars are in Japan, taunting me from afar and flinging spitballs at me like jerks. But not for long, oh no, not for long.

1970s Silverburst Les Pauls?

Vintage Jacksons?

ESPs the likes of which ye has never seen?

More info on Meestur Sparkle here.

NEWS: Criss Olivia’s Ibanez DM1100 delay unit for sale

EDIT: This listing has now ended. This post is being kept online for archive purposes.

Wow! Late Savatage guitarist Criss Oliva’s very own stage-used Ibanez DM1100 digital delay rack mount unit is for sale on eBay.

The listing says: This is the real deal and rumored to have been modded! Unit has been thoroughly tested and it works perfectly but shows obvious wear from being on many SAVATAGE world tours. Its missing 2 knobs, the feedback knob is broke off but they can be turned. This delay unit is one of the keys to unlocking Criss’ tone.

CLICK HERE to see Ibanez stuff on eBay.

Aside from the provenance of being Criss’s gear, I really dig this era of Ibanez effects. Something about them looks almost quaintly futuristic and science-fictiony.

Thanks to for the heads-up.

NEWS: Steve Lukather’s personal gear on eBay!

Huge thanks to I Heart Guitar reader Sean from San Jose for alerting me to this awesome auction of a whole bunch of Steve Lukather’s personal gear.

Sean says:

Last night I was searching eBay for Ibanez guitars and came across a listing for a Steve Lukather prototype. Well out of my price range, but I went ahead and checked the other items that the seller had. It looks like Steve Lukather is using L.A. Vintage Gear to sell a bunch of his used gear. This is huge for any Toto fan. If it were Paul Gilbert selling his stuff the next auction you would see would be for one of my kidneys.
Perhaps most enticing to an Ibanez geek such as myself is Luke’s Ibanez prototype guitar. I guess the market’s going to be flooded with kidneys pretty soon cos I’d like pretty much all of this stuff too!

Here’s the listing for Luke’s Ibanez Prototype Guitar
Here’s what the listing says:

~ Lukes Ibanez Prototype Guitar ~
If you’re a Steve Lukather fan then this guitar has to be the Holy Grail for you. This guitar was made for Luke in we believe 1983. This is a prototype made for Luke that was supposed to go into production but didn’t materialize. This is THE ONLY ONE made! There wasn’t 2 or 3 made, just this ONE !

Guitar is in great shape. 26 years old now ! Frets are perfect . Comes in it’s original custom case.

There are heaps of photos with the listing. Very cool.

NEWS: Let George Lynch make a guitar for you

George Lynch seems to have taken a leaf out of Eddie Van Halen’s book and started to offer guitars that he himself has had a hand in making. But while Eddie’s involvement in the Charvel EVH Art series was limited to striping the guitars, Lynch is really getting his paws dirty on these axes. He starts with stock ESP/LTD models and goes to town on them. He even winds the freaking pickups!

One of these guitars, named ‘Evil Western,’ is on eBay right now. CLICK HERE to see the listing. Here’s what George says:

After years of playing guitar and working with various woods, pickups, strings as well as every aspect of the guitar, I’ve decided to build my own. I felt it was time for me to have a hand in all aspects of my creation and vision. I felt it would be more meaningful to create a product in which the “process” of creating the guitar and its theme would be the most important aspect. This way the fan would know how much time and effort spent on that guitar exclusively.

I christened this guitar “Evil Western.” It is built from the highest quality of Mahogany, ESP Super V George Lynch signature series model. The guitar consists of a 3 piece body and 1 piece neck. The Guitar’s hardware is uniquely distressed. The pickups are also uniquely wound and engraved individually by myself. The neck is a wide and flat gun oiled sealed neck. The Evil Western is dressed with Dunlop 6100 fret wire. Additionally, my guitars come with a Certificate of Authenticity, hard shell case, a dvd of me building the guitar and winding the pickups, and all the particulars regarding specs, playing guitar live, etc.. My signature, the serial number and the name of the guitars are engraved into wood under pickups and under the control panel.

Regarding the Evil Western’s tone, playability and vibe….the tone of this guitar is extremely warm, dark and chunky (sounds like a candy bar), and the unique pickups personally wound by me add the perfect “spank.”

Scroll down a little further to see a video of George talking about the process.

NEWS: Wanna buy Gary Moore’s 1958 Les Paul?

Here’s a 1958 Les Paul that was owned by Gary Moore from 1991 to 1994. For a mere $295,000 it can be yours. This isn’t ‘the’ famous Gary Moore/Peter Green Les Paul but it’s still provenancy as all get-out.
According to the eBay listing:

This guitar is considered to be the Holy Grail to many guitar enthusiasts, collectors and musicians. Sunburst Les Pauls were and are played by the most iconic rock stars of any era. Billy Gibsons, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Duane Allman, Ace Frehley, Jeff Beck, Paul Kossoff, Joe Walsh, Gary Richrath, Steve Lukather, Gary Moore, Michael Boomfield, Peter Green, Gary Rossington, Ed King, Slash, Edward Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Rick Nielsen and many many others. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a vintage Les Paul that has a history that is traceable back to the 1960’s AND was owned by Gary Moore. This guitar is in spectacular condition and has made appearances in numerous magazines and books. The color is fantastic and the top has a very pleasant mild flame. Guitar plays and sounds fabulous. I personally dealt with Gary Moore’s management and tech to acquire this guitar for a collector in 1994 and the experience of working with Mr. Moore’s staff was a great pleasure.

This Les Paul was used for all of Gary Moore’s “After Hours” CD photo shoot. It was used for Gary’s 8X10 B&W glossy photos. It was used in two Gary Moore videos: “Cold Day in Hell.” and Since I Met You Baby.” This guitar has been featured in NUMEROUS books and magazines. (ie: “The Electric Guitar, an illustrated history.” Pages 93 and 147.)

CLICK HERE to see the guitar on eBay.

NEWS: Tough times mean Jem bargains

Someone on Jemsite pointed out yesterday that in these dire financial times it seems like there are a lot of usually hard-to-find Ibanez Jems and Universes popping up on eBay. Here are a few of them for your perusing pleasure, but if the auctions have ended by the time you see this post, CLICK HERE to see Ibanez Jem listings, and CLICK HERE to see Ibanez Universe listings.




JEM 20th Anniversary

JEM7VWH with ebony fretboard and Lo Pro Edge trem

JEM7VWH current model with rosewood fretboard, Edge Pro trem


JEM777 LNG Loch Ness Green

JEM777 SK Shocking Pink


JEM77VBK Latest model