NEWS: Steve Vai ‘Naked Tracks’ now on CD

Those who have been waiting patiently for the physical release of Steve Vai’s ‘Naked Tracks’ can now head on over to the store. The CDs will be available from February 2. 

These recordings are Steve Vai’s actual studio tracks, with the lead guitar removed so you can play along in your own little Vai fantasy world. I couldn’t wait for the physical release so I bought a few of them from eMusic (Fire Garden/Ultra Zone and Passion & Warfare) but the actual CD set looks very cool, and the completist in me kinda wants that too.

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NEWS: Cool stuff on eMusic

Mrs I Heart Guitar recently introduced me to a site called eMusic, which seems pretty heavily stocked with downloadable ablums by a huge range of artists, especially guitarists. So far I’ve downloaded John McLaughlin’s Floating Point, Andy Timmons’ Resolution, Richie Kotzen’s Return of The Mother Head’s Family Reunion, and Steve Vai’s Passion And Warfare Naked Tracks (which includes tracks from the album minus the lead guitar, so guitarists can jam over the songs), and Alien Love Secrets (when I originally ripped the disc to MP3 years ago I did it at way too low a bitrate, and now the CD is in a box somewhere, so now I have a much nicer sounding version). 

The tracks are DRM-free and will play on an iPod. I used the trial to get the Vai Naked Tracks 100% for free, but totally legally. I’m going to buy the hell out of the rest of the Vai Naked Tracks just for a start, then I’m going to embark on my fusion eductation.