REVIEW: Gibson 50th Anniversary 1963 ES-335

ES63SBNH1-Finish-ShotGibson unveiled the ES-335 in 1958 and it was an instant success, but even so the model underwent a few changes in 1963 which led to it becoming a bona fide icon. Those changes are often referred to as ‘Clapton-spec’ in tribute to this variant’s most famous proponent (have a guess who. Hint: it’s not Richard Clapton), and the most obvious change is the move from dot inlays to big chunky blocks. Gibson Memphis pays tribute to this revision with the 50th Anniversary ES-335. This version of the ES-335 is available in two period-correct finishes: ‘60s Cherry or Historic Burst, each of which is finished in hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer and given Gibson’s VOS treatment for a gently aged look. This isn’t a ‘relic’ guitar by any means: rather it looks like it’s accumulated a few decades’ worth of natural ageing while being kept totally safe from dings and scratches. But it does feel nicely weathered.  Read More …

NEWS: Gibson 50th Anniversary models

A lot of neat stuff happened in 1958: the Sputnik satellite fell to earth; St Clare was named Patron Saint of Television; the Bossa Nova was invented; and instant noodles went on sale for the first time. But perhaps the coolest thing to happen in 1958 was that Gibson well and truly sunk its teeth into some new designs.

To celebrate the most well known of the designs or redesigns that went on sale in 1958, Gibson is releasing 50th anniversary versions of the Korina Flying V, Korina Explorer, ES-335 and Les Paul. The Les Paul even features an aged finish by Gibson’s Tom Murphy.

These guitars don’t appear to be exact recreations of the originals – they didn’t actually make ‘Burstbucker’ pickups back then, after all, and this series is full of ’em – but they’re sure to be as collectible as they are good-lookin’.

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