8 Strings – I’m Jonesin’ Bad…

8 String ThumbnailI’m really jonesing bad for an Ibanez 8-string right now. I just feel like there are notes I want to incorporate in my music that aren’t on my fretboard, even on my seven-string. I want to be able to play lower walking basslines for fingerpicked blues. I want to have an extra-beefy G Major chord. I want to be able to extend scales even further for dramatic effect, and mess around with otherwise unreachable chord inversions. In short, I want the damn thing to make music. We’re looking at a few Ibanez 8-strings on the I Heart Guitar Facebook page right now. If you’re on Facebook, come over and join in! Read More …

Win A Limited Edition Rotosound Vintage Fuzz Pedal

fuzz_triple_thumbWanna win a Limited Edition Rotosound Vintage Fuzz Pedal? Simply ‘Like’ Rotosound On Facebook! Here’s the press release:

Rotosound has three Limited Edition versions of their legendary Vintage Fuzz Pedal to give away. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is visit the Rotosound Facebook page and ‘like’ it. When the ‘likes’ reach ten thousand three lucky winners will be chosen at random from all the new ones. Read More …

COOL GEAR ALERT: Ibanez Roadcore

Check this out! Ibanez RC320 Roadcore. Just saw it on the Ibanez UK Facebook, and the good folks at Andertons have posted about it here. One-piece bolt-on Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard; double-bound Mahogany body; Tight-Tune bridge, and CORE-TONE pickups. And it’s also available in black. Digging the old-sch00l-inspired headstock and the binding.

I like it. It’s like an FR got it on with a Talman while a Darkstone watched.

Ibanez UK has a great image gallery here.


Fender Richie Kotzen Tele gets worldwide release

Woo! One of my dream guitars is now going to be made available to the whole world (it’s currently only offered in certain markets, y’see). As just posted on Richie Kotzen’s Facebook:

“Fender Guitars will be selling Richie Kotzen’s signature model telecaster GLOBALLY starting this January… The guitar was previously only available in Japan and Europe… Good news for those interested parties in North and South America!”

What Les Paul would you recommend?

Hey folks. I think it’s time I got myself a Les Paul for work purposes (pickup reviews and demos, pics for my Gibson.com articles and Mixdown magazine column, stuff like that). And I thought I might throw it open to see if you can recommend a particular model to me. I can’t afford a super-mega expensive top shelf model right now (unless someone buys a whole bunch of ads), but I think that for my particular requirements I need a traditional-sounding mahogany body/maple top Les Paul with two full-sized humbuckers and traditional Les Paul ‘two volumes, two tones and a toggle switch’ wiring. Although I play a lot of Ibanez guitars with very thin necks, I quite like thick guitar necks too.

Here are a few I’m thinking of, each of which meets my requirements in terms of body woods and electronics configurations. Can you suggest any others or offer your opinion? Leave a comment below or here on the I Heart Guitar Facebook page.

Les Paul Studio 50s Tribute Humbucker

I’ve really liked the other Tribute models I’ve played, and Satin Honeybust looks pretty tasty.

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Daring Audio announces BassLoops Contest and Facebook Fan Page with Music Downloads


Daring Audio announces BassLoops Contest and Facebook Fan Page with Music Downloads

Belmont, CA, January 19, 2012 — Daring Audio announces today their new, innovative online music sharing service delivered through the “BassLoops” Facebook page. This new service showcases players’ recorded bass instrument music loops for massive distribution to promote the musicians themselves and the use of Daring Audio pedals to global audiences. BassLoops gives any Facebook fan the opportunity to listen, download and use these 16 bit audio (uncompressed) CD quality files for use in their productions, royalty free, with no signup required. Using BassLoops, artists participate by giving out a useful piece of their art in return for larger distribution, awareness and potential future music connections.

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