JB Hi Fi tells it like it is on Loutallica

Do you follow Beat Magazine on Facebook or Twitter? Beat’s a kickass Melbourne street press mag that I’m proud to write for. You may have seen my interview with Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis recently. Anyway, today Beat posted the pic below on their Facebook, snapped at a JB HiFi store.


Thanks to Peta Pledger for the heads-up!

Wanna jam with Steve Vai? Of course you do!

Could you imagine how cool it would be to actually jam with Steve Vai during his Australian clinic tour? I mean, unless your name is Joe Satriani or Dave Weiner or Devin Townsend, who even gets a chance like that? Well, you, for starters, if you win the honour courtesy of Thump Music!

From the Thump website:

“It’s going to be the chance of a lifetime! An opportunity to play / jam on stage with Steve Vai at the upcoming Master Classes in October 2011 organized by Thump Music.

What does this mean for any would be applicant? A chance to be one of two winners per clinic / state.

All you have to do is enter a 1 minute video explaining, playing or both why you should be on stage jamming with Steve Vai in your state. (Post your YouTube link)


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NEWS: MI Audio modded Crunch Box giveaway

MI Audio Pty Ltd is offering a killer giveaway of three Crunch Box pedals with five mods which may be used on a possible future production version.

The mods:

1) Start with an internal voltage tripler to run at the pedal at 24V for the punchiest, most amp-like tone.

2) The presence trimmer is now external for on-the-go adjustments.

3) A 3 position clipping switch for >> traditional CB sizzle, a more organic softer clip, or an open sounding ‘volume boost’ mode.

4) A switchable filter mode for a fat, ‘fixed wah’ tone

5) A switchable lower gain mode, with improved guitar volume sensitivity.

There are 3 ways to win a modified Crunch Box. One Crunch Box will go to someone who has subscribed to MI’s newsletter. Subscription form can be access on their Facebook page or the MI Effects website. A second Crunch Box is Facebook-related and a third is Twitter-related. All the details can be found at http://www.mieffects.com/giveaway.htm

NEWS: Steve Vai breaks out the 7-string for new album

Steve Vai just posted this on Facebook:

“Hey Folks, Just returned to LA and back in the new Harmony Hut just falling into it. Jeremy Colson laid down 7 tracks last week on drums. He has reached a new level of nuance perfection. I’m doing rhythm guitars this week and breaking out the 7 string. Playing BIG, FAT, DISTORTION DRENCHED, LUSCIOUS, FULL-BODIED, CHORDS that when played loud can induce a full-on gravity storm! It sounds like shards of light.”

Sounds neat, no? Can’t wait to hear this. Vai is obviously a hugely important innovator of the 7-string guitar and I’ve always wished he’d play it a little more often. I wonder if he’ll use that sweet baritone DNA Universe he had Ibanez make in 2003?

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