Musikmesse 2012: Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Flying V

Everyone knows Kirk Hammett used a Gibson Flying V extensively with Metallica before he started using ESPs – and he still works with ESP, releasing several cool new signature models this year – but Hammett has also returned to his roots in the form of this new Gibson Custom V, a replica of his old axe. Read More …

COOL GEAR ALERT: Gibson Flying V Tremolo

Now this is cool. Cool colour, cool shape, and of course one of the coolest tremolo systems known to man and beast alike, the Floyd Rose. It looks like a metal machine. [geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]And it’d make a very nice companion indeed to the Explorer Tremolo in some kind of ultra-kitted out metal band.[/geo-out]


Looking to shake up a conservative guitar world, Gibson introduced the Flying V as part of its radical Modernist Series in 1958 (alongside the Explorer)—and the world is still shaking 53 years later. Way ahead of its time when it hit the ground six decades ago, the Flying V became a rock icon by the late ’60s, and evolved—in all its permutations—into one of the most iconic thrash and metal guitars ever produced.

The new Flying V with Floyd Rose™ from Gibson USA takes the rebellious heritage of this great Modernist axe and supercharges it with high-performance features for today’s demanding musician. This new rendition of a legendary design carries high-output humbucking pickups and the most advanced vibrato tailpiece available, and wraps it all in Gibson’s renowned playability, while retaining the sleek, space-aged looks that made its namesake a legend in the first place. And it’s all presented in a stunning high-gloss nitrocellulose finish in Classic White.

COOL GEAR ALERT: Gibson 7-string Flying V

As if Gibson’s 7-string Explorer wasn’t enough, now they’ve announced a 7-string Flying V as well. I have a feeling a lot of pointy guitar lovers are going to be playing a lot of heavy riffs some time soon.

Specs include a set of EMG active pickups (a 707 in the neck and an 81-7 in the bridge), 12″ radius fretboard, solid mahogany body, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, and slick gold hardware on an ebony black finish. I dig the stripped-down look of the inlay-free fretboard and the Steinberger gearless tuners.

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