COOL VIDEO ALERT: Seymour Duncan ’59/Custom Hybrid

A few weeks ago I wrote about the ’59/Custom Hybrid which Seymour Duncan announced at NAMM. Check out this new video of Seymour Duncan’s Frank Falbo demoing and discussing the pickup in comparison with a few others. The video offers a nice clear recording of the differences and ‘sames’ between the Custom, the ’59 and the ’59/Custom pickups.

What’s really super mega cool about this pickup is that it’s based on a mod developed by a member of the Seymour Duncan User Group forum. So there ya go – those of you who like to mod your gear and brag about it online (and who doesn’t?), just think – maybe the next time you perform some sweet mod on your guitar or pedal or something, it could end up as a production model.


COOL GEAR ALERT: Seymour Duncan 35 guitar

Aside from being a legendary pickup designer, Seymour Duncan is also one hell of a guitarist. Often he can be seen playing his famed ‘TeleGib,’ a guitar he built for Jeff Beck in the early 70s. That guitar is the inspiration for the Seymour Duncan 35 limited edition guitar. A collaboration of Seymour W. Duncan, Seymour Duncan’s resident luthier and vice president of products Frank Falbo, and guitar builders Larrivee, The instrument includes a few updates, upgrades and modernizations.

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