Fractal Audio To Release FX Unit!

Whoa! This is so so so so so cool! Are you happy with your amp but you’d like to have hugely flexible effects – like perhaps you want something that does ‘four cable method (4CM),’ allowing you to use different effects in your amp’s front end and effects loop from the same unit simultaneously? Well Fractal Audio, makers of the already-legendary Axe-FX series, have just dropped an awesome-bomb over at their forum under the heading ‘Coming Soon’: the FX8. No amp models, just effects, designed to be used in 4CM setups. According to the the Fractal forum admin, “Just effects. Specifically designed for 4CM with dedicated pre- and post- paths. Up to 8 simultaneous effects. Any number assignable pre/post. Any combination of series or parallel routing. Two expression pedal inputs, four relay outputs. USB for remote editing with free FX8-Edit software. Silent Switch technology from the MFC Mark III. True Bypass. Etc., etc. Don’t drop it on your foot.” Thanks to Guitar Noize for the heads-up.

Fractal Audio FX8