NEWS: The Gibson SG Gothic Morte

When I received the following press release I had an immediate flashback to my goth days in my late teens and early 20s. Back then I used to live in a strict uniform of black. Black clothes, black hair, black nails. I wouldn’t even allow goth-permissable colours like purple and crimson to enter my fortress of darkness. Those were good days… living in Canberra, catching Alchemist and Armoured Angel gigs, going to goth nights like Narcissus… ah but all good things must end, and these days… these days… wait, actually I still pretty much dress the same except I wear the occasional olive or brown thing, and I don’t dye my hair much any more. Anyway, check out the new Gibson SG Gothic Morte.


The SG Gothic Morte. Extreme Power In A Double-Horned Demon

It might be a familiar profile now, but the sharp-pointed Gibson SG was entirely radical when it arrived in 1961 to replace the single-cutaway Les Paul, foretelling an aggressive rock style that was years ahead of its time. The SG Gothic Morte makes this double-horned rock icon radical once again. This outrageous new offering from Gibson USA points the way forward both for extreme style and unprecedented depths of tone and power, and embodies the SG’s evolution into a 21st century rock weapon. Employing a sustainable new tonewood variety, and carrying Gibson USA’s powerful new GEM active humbucking pickups—all dressed in extreme black styling—the SG Gothic Morte pushes the boundaries of tone and esthetics, while honouring half a century of SG tradition.

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