REVIEW: DiMarzio Gravity Storm Steve Vai humbuckers

Steve Vai has used various signature DiMarzio pickups over the years: the Evolution, the Breed, the Blaze, Evolution 7 and Evolution 2 (as well as the set made exclusively for the transparent acrylic 20th Anniversary Jem). And his pickups have something in common with his music: they all seem to be designed to explore and address a specific sonic question. The Evolution is bright, middy and somewhat hyper, for instance, while the Breed is warmer and more vintage. Steve’s new Gravity Storm set comes from a different place to the Evo, Blaze or Breed. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Steve Vai on The Story Of Light

Photo by Larry DiMarzio

Steve Vai needs no introduction.

Your new album The Story Of Light is a bit of a departure and it’s been a while since you’ve released a studio album of new material. Where did this one come from?

I guess it came from the same place the other ones came from, but maybe a little bolder. I searched my inner ear more and I gravitated towards things that excited me, as opposed to some things that I thought should be on there. And it’s also the second instalment of a trilogy of records that have a story to it, and as a result the songs are built around characters and situations and events in the story. So when you have something like that to go by, it can inspire you to do certain things that you may not ordinarily do if you just sat down to write a song.

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DiMarzio Steve Vai Gravity Storm pickups


Been looking for more info on DiMarzio’s new Gravity Storm pickups? The press release is now out and it’s a very interesting read. It sounds like Vai was really pushing for something different tonally with these compared to his previous signature pickups.

DiMarzio was nice enough to send a set for review, and while you’re waiting for the final verdict, here’s a little recording of me noodling on them through my Marshall.


DiMarzio, Inc. announced it will release two new Gravity Storm™ humbucking pickups for electric guitars in mid-August. The Gravity Storm™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups were designed for Steve Vai. The pickups are named after a song on his new CD, Steve Vai: The Story of Light, that will be released on August 14, 2012 by Vai’s Favored Nations label.

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New Vai pickups: DiMarzio Gravity Storm

Photo by Larry DiMarzio

Steve Vai’s new album The Story Of Light is out in August, and quite frankly it’s stunning. I’ve been able to hear the whole thing and there’s something in there for every Vai fan, but especially those who like the more expressive and compositional aspects of his playing.

Steve has a new set of signature pickups coming out shortly, the DiMarzio Gravity Storm set (named after a song on the new album). They appear to be quite different from his previous six-string pickups (the Evolution set, the Evo 2 and the Breed set).

The bridge pickup weighs in at an output of 340mV and a DC resistance of 15.19Kohms, and it has an Alnico V magnet like the Breed, rather than a ceramic magnet like the Evolution and Evo 2. The neck pickup has a ceramic magnet, an output of 290mV and a DC resistance of 12.56Kohms.

Stay tuned for availability info!