COOL GEAR ALERT: GJ2 Guitars Arete 3 Star

In response to demand for a stripped down version of a GJ2 Guitars‘ Arete model at a more accessible price point, the company has just announced the Arete 3 Star. It may look stripped back but this guitar still holds true to all of their values and attributes, including being manufactured in Orange County, California; neck through body construction using premium tone woods; GJ2’s own “Habanero” pickups and in-house made components. Each guitar is made in the same way as the premium models under the direct supervision of Grover Jackson himself. Read More …

Grover Jackson launches new guitar company – GJ2

Legendary luthier Grover Jackson – yes, that Jackson – has formed a new company called GJ2, and the guitars look awesome. Check this out:

That’s the Arete, GJ2’s initial model. It’s available in two levels, 4-Star and 5-Star, with in-house pickups (or other brands on request), original Floyd Rose tremolo, compound radius 10″-14″ fretboard, high-access heel, neck through construction… different versions are available in basswood, mahogany and Korina. More info here.


The guitars will be made exclusively in California, and they’ll be available through an exclusive network of retailers from January.


Kudos to iGuitar for the heads-up!