Guitar Gallery of the Day: Mayones

Today’s guitar gallery is Mayones. They make plenty of great production line guitars – check out the Regius Elements – PERFECT with fretted or fretless neck, Seymour Duncan pickups and GraphTech Ghost System (Piezo preamp + MIDI Hexpander), or this Legend T – but their customs are a step beyond even that, as you’ll see from their gallery here. Check out the Setius PRO 7 Slime pictured above. It has an ash top, mahogany body with open sound chambers (look close and you’ll spot ’em), cbony freeboard, custom green acrylic Slime inscription and position markers, DiMarzio Evolution (bridge) + PAF 7 (neck) pickups with Green covers, genuine Floyd Rose 7 bridge and Schaller tuners.

Or how about this Setius Dime Bomb XTrem 36? 36 frets, DiMarzio Evolution 7 humbucker (angled for 6 strings)… very cool.

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Guitar Gallery Of The Day: Strictly7

Sure, Strictly7 don’t strictly make 7-string guitars – they also do 6, 8 and 9-string models – but whatever the string count, their guitars are incredible. Various production models are available with passive DiMarzio and Bare Knuckle or active Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups. Check out their custom gallery here, but make sure you check out their production models too – including their Ola Englund signature model (read Ola’s blog here).

Guitar Gallery Of The Day: Ormsby Guitars

Ormsby Guitars, from Perth, Australia, make some incredible custom instruments as well as a standard range, and they offer an intensive guitar making course which I hear great things about (and which I hope to do myself some time soon). All instruments are custom made from a variety of exotic and Australian timbers, their own hand wound pickups, and top shelf hardware. Six and seven strings, multi-scale, cool inlays… lots of eye candy at the Ormsby galleries, which you can see here.

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Guitar Gallery Of The Day: Ibanez Rules

Rich Harris at has some absolutely incredible Ibanez guitars featured in his gallery. He’s also probably the most knowledgable guy there is for Ibanez tech issues, his setup work is legendary, and he’s a great dude to hang out with – even if his driving sucks. Check out Rich’s gallery here, where you’ll see my favourite Ibanez JS finishes (the Rainbow and Rainforest), plenty of Donnies, a bunch of left-handed Jems and JSs, ATD, MKR and reissue Universes, Petruccis, PGMs, RBMs, and even rare birds like the RGGold, RGGear and RGArt1.