My Converse Guitar Strap Shoes


Ok, so I Heart Guitar probably isn’t your number one source for fashion tips but I bought these new Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars because I’m a massive guitar nerd: how could I possibly pass up shoes with 1970s guitar strap graphics? My actual first guitar strap is within the pattern here (although I’m not that old – I got it in the 90s). Next on my wish list: EVH striped sneakers of course. Hehe.

DiMarzio John Petrucci Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap

DiMarzio John Petrucci strap

PRESS RELEASE: DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of a signature ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Strap specially designed for and with John Petrucci, Dream Theater guitarist extraordinaire and esteemed DiMarzio endorser. John Petrucci is a longtime user of our ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps, and we are delighted to release a ClipLock® Guitar Strap made to John’s custom specifications. The John Petrucci ClipLock® Guitar Strap is 2-inch black nylon and features John’s JP shield logo in gray and black stitched to the lower front portion, just above the heavy-duty clip and bushing that attaches to your guitar. The strap is available with either blue or red topstitching.

Petrucci fan? Click here to buy the Sterling by Music Man JP100D John Petrucci Signature model with DiMarzio pickups.

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