Your Lucky Number: Seven Kickass 7-String Guitar Songs

Check out my latest for Guitar World, about the glory of 7-string guitar. This is my personal list of favourites – what are yours? Comments below or on the Guitar World post!

By the way, that pic is my newest 7-string, a killer Buddy Blaze prototype with DiMarzio Crunch Lab and LiquiFire pickups and a Floyd Rose bridge. You may have noticed me drooling over it at NAMM. Well it’s all mine and it’s incredible! Review coming soon, along with plenty of video. I’ve already written a buttload of songs with this guitar!

My latest for Guitar World: Synesthesia & The Musical Mind



Here’s my latest for GW. Check it out! It’s about synesthesia (when one sense triggers perception of another) and how to apply it to music even if you don’t naturally have it.

Oh and that guitar in the pic is my Ibanez RG550MXXRFR (Roadflare Red) with a DiMarzio neon strap. [geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]DiMarzio does a lot of cool neon stuff. ClipLock straps, instrument cable, patch cords, standard straps like mine… [/geo-out]

Some old-school Gibson M-III ads

The Gibson M-III is one of my favourite discontinued guitar designs, and if ever there was a guitar that was screaming to be made into a 7-string version, it’d be this. I wrote an article for about it a while back (which you can read here) but I thought you might like to see these old 1991 ads from Guitar World, which I recently unearthed at the same time that I found those cool old Yamaha ads. Enjoy!

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Junius debuts new track

October 11, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – Dark-wave outfit Junius has premiered a new song, “A Universe without Stars,” exclusively today on  The track is featured on the band’s highly anticipated new album, Reports from the Threshold of Death, which is set for release on October 25 via Prosthetic Records.
With only weeks to go before the release of Junius’ third studio album, Reports from the Threshold of Death, rave reviews have already started rolling in.  See what critics are saying…

My interview with Forbidden’s Craig Locicero

Y’know who’s awesome? Bay Area thrash pioneers Forbidden. I recently had a chat with guitarist Craig Locicero (on my birthday actually, thus making it the most thrashtastic birthday ever) and you can check it out over at Guitar World.

The band is working on an official video that will be out very soon, but in the meantime, here’s “Omega Wave,” the title track from their latest album.

Guitar World launches new mag – The Buzz Bin

Awesome. First Guitar World overhauls the magazine’s design (making the mag bigger and bringing back the posters! Cool!). Then they crank up their online presence (and you can read my articles for them here). Now they’re launching The Buzz Bin, a new monthly digital magazine dedicated to new and hip boutique guitar gear.

Check out the August 2011 issue right here. I’m really digging the layout (and of course the content).

Making Mistakes Makes You a Better Guitar Player

Here’s my latest for the Guitar World website. It’s a lesson column kinda thing about how to accept your mistakes and learn from them, instead of being so freaking scared of them that you keep making them. And the image that goes along with the article – of me rocking out onstage in The Upperhand with my buddy Rohan Drew on bass there – is representative of learning from mistakes because I won’t dye a blond streak in my hair again.