Steve Stevens Roland demo webcast

Here’s something cool that is bound to at least partially cheer up some of us Aussies who were bummed out that Steve Stevens’ planned Australian clinic tour was cancelled: he’ll be broadcasting his first hands-on public demo of Roland’s V-Guitar series of products at Guitar Center via GuitarTV. The event takes place at 7pm Pacific time on November 8 – click here to figure out what time that is if you’re in a different time zone.
I’ll be tuning in. Can’t wait to check this out. I messed around with the Roland GR-55 for about half an hour a while ago and utterly fell in love with it.
Here’s the press release.
Live Broadcast From Guitar Center Hollywood

WHAT: Roland Corporation U.S. and Guitar Center bring guitar legend Steve Stevens to Hollywood for his first hands-on public demonstration of Roland’s innovative V-Guitar series of products. Roland will also be giving away a Powered by Roland G-5 Strat® autographed by Steve Stevens.

WHO: Steve Stevens is perhaps best known for his nearly 30-year association with ‘80s icon Billy Idol and his pyrotechnic playing on Idol tracks such as “Rebel Yell” and “Eyes Without a Face.” Additionally, Stevens boasts an impressive resumé of achievements as both a solo artist and sideman, working with a diverse range of artists, including such greats as Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Vince Neil and many others. In 1986, his contributions to the Top Gun soundtrack earned Stevens a GRAMMY® Award. Join Roland, Guitar Center and Steve Stevens for an evening of insight, discussion and live performance.

WHEN: THURSDAY, November 8, 2012 – 7:00 P.M.*
7:00 – 7:30 p.m. Steve Stevens V-Guitar demonstrations
7:30 – 8:00 p.m. Q&A with Steve Stevens followed by autograph session

* will broadcast the event live beginning at 7:00 p.m. PST.

Guitar Center #110
7425 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90046

Steve Vai’s DLR-era Marshall stack is for sale!

If you were thinking of buying Eddie Van Halen’s Diver Down/1984 Kramer Frankenstrat but were holding off until you could find just the right amp to pair it with, look no further: Steve Vai is auctioning his Marshall 100 watt Plexi modified by the legendary Lee Jackson and used on David Lee Roth’s Eat ‘Em And Smile album, with some of the proceeds going to his Make-a-noise foundation.

There’s plenty of info at GuitarTV and on the eBay auction page itself, but here’s a snippet:

“The 100 watt Marshall JMP was given to Ted Templeman by Steve Stevens during the NYC recording sessions for “Eat Em and Smile.” The amp was then modded to Steve’s liking by Lee Jackson, famous for performing sought after custom modifications to Marshall amplifiers for top artists in the 1980′s and 1990′s. It was Steve’s main amp for the “Eat Em and Smile”sessions and used on the entire David Lee Roth tour. The 100 watt plexi head features an extra gain stage, frequency adjust control, effects loop & master volume. The head has been well maintained in Los Angeles and features matching Drake transformers, KT88 quad-matched power tubes & hand-selected pre-amp tubes to Steve’s liking.”

Read More …

Tommy Emmanuel clinic on GuitarTV, Thursday Feb 9

This is a must-see! GuitarTV will be broadcasting Tommy Emmanuel’s clinic and performance from The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California on Thursday, February 9th at 4 PM PST. Check this page to see what time you need to tune in, and click here for more info.

During the clinic GuitarTV will activate their “live chat mode” so everyone can connect while Tommy is performing. In the meantime, be sure to register to participate.


Jeff Skunk Baxter with the Roland/Fender G5 VG Stratocaster

GuitarTV has an awesome video of Jeff “Skunk” Baxter showing off the Roland/Fender G5 VG Stratocaster. Check it out here, and read more info about the G5 here. I particularly like the bit where Baxter demonstrates the Strat’s actual and modelled Strat tones.

One thing that’s super-cool about this video for me is that the first time I ever saw a Roland guitar product demoed, it was Baxter with the old VG8 way back in the day. It was the first modelling system to use a hex pickup, at least that I’m aware of, and it’s great to see Baxter showing the latest evolution of the concept about 15 years later.

Check out Guitar TV’s cool new redesign too!

BOSS Loop Station Finals on GuitarTV

BOSS, Musicians Institute and will be showcasing the US Finalists of the “BOSS Loop Station World Championship 2” this Saturday, October 22 @ 6 PM PDT on!

Six truly talented (and coordinated) guitar players (and other musicians- like a Mountain Dulcimer-ist) will be showcasing their live looping songs & skills at the event. Among the judges are Steve Lukather (Toto, Michael Jackson, solo), Robert “BUBBY” Lewis (Bassist for Snoop Dogg), Michael Lloyd (Record Producer), Jude Gold (GIT Director, L.A. Editor Guitar Player Magazine) & Paul Youngblood (Vice President, BOSS U.S.)

Plus, GuitarTV will be giving away the new BOSS RC-3 to a lucky viewer who is present in the GuitarTV live chat when their name is called. They simply need to RSVP to the event here: