Estranged: The Afterlives of the Original Guns N’ Roses

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Those of us who were teenagers in the ‘90s thought of Guns N’ Roses as a secret guilty pleasure, the band you weren’t really allowed to like because grunge had swept away the final vestiges of the ‘80s Sunset Strip scene of which GN’R were a key part. When the dust finally settled and the grunge revolution came to an end, folks started giving GN’R another listen and the band was finally awarded the respect they deserved, becoming a true Classic Rock act, in capital letters.

Although the original line-up hasn’t played together for decades, the spirit of GN’R is still strong in the work of the departed alumni as well as that of sole remaining member Axl Rose, who continues to fly the flag for the band with a whole different, star-studded line-up. Collectively, individually, and everything in between, the members of Guns N’ Roses have a vast discography. Let’s take a look at the core band members and the other main acts they’ve been involved in since GN’R.

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