What do you think of the Kiesel Headless Delos?

I imagine this is gonna be one of those ‘love it or hate it’ guitars, but check this out: Kiesel has just announced a headless version of their Delos guitar, a Strattish model that has been out for only a little while but has proven quite popular among Kiesel fans. Now, I love Strats and a Kiesel Vader headless is currently my main guitar, so this is right up my alley.

In true Kiesel style you can customise the Headless Delos eight ways from Sunday. Here are some that have been posted of Kiesel’s Facebook page. You can see more pics on their Instagram too, or order your own here.

Personally I dig it, although I know it’s not for everyone. I’d love a black HSS one with pearloid pickguard and black plastics. Damn I could have a fun with a guitar like that.

Cool Gear Alert: Kiesel Zeus Headless

As many of you know, my current main guitar is a Kiesel Vader V7. I love that little thing! It’s very comfortable to play and sonically very flexible. Kiesel has now followed up the Vader design with the Zeus, a slightly Telecaster-esque outline which addresses my one complaint about the Vader: that sometimes the way I rest the guitar on my leg interferes with the tuners at the back. And it’s not just a Vader with a different outline: the Zeus is bolt-on whereas Vader is a neck-through guitar, so the sound will be a little different. It’s available in 6, 7 and 8-string standard and multiscale, or 4, 5 and 6-string bass. You can learn more about the Zeus here and in the video below.

Ormsby Guitars GTR ‘Goliath’ Headless Guitar Run

Ormsby Goliath Headless Guitar

Aussie luthier Perry Ormsby has just announced his first headless guitar, the GTR ‘Goliath’ run. It’s his latest multiscale design, and it looks like a utter beast in the best possible way.

In contrast with his beautiful custom instruments which are made in Australia, these guitars are created in consultation with Facebook groups and built at the World factory in South Korea, the same factory that builds many instruments for PRS SE, LTD, Schecter, Chapman, Dean and more. Read More …