NEWS: Gary Kramer Turbulence models. Awesome.

So I’m sitting here cruising the internets and having a good ol’ daydream about guitars, guitars and more guitars (jeez, what’s new, huh?) and finding myself ever so drawn to these twisted-looking Gary Kramer Turbulence models (yes, THAT Gary Kramer – he has a new company now).

The R-36 is cool enough, with its 36 frets, 7 strings and striking yellow finish (or the black version in the pick above), but check out this killer DNA model pictured below – Dimarzio Evolution pickup, plus a Vai-style DNA swirl finish by the legendary Herc Fede, who painted my custom Ibanez (which I still haven’t got around to finishing).

Of course, if the R-36 is too much for ya, remove a string, add a pickup and reduce the fret count to ‘only’ 29 and you have the R-29, which also looks pretty cool in its own wacky way. These are pretty out-there guitars so you’d probably need a thick skin to protect you from traditionalists, but I think there’s something kinda cool about standing up on stage saying “Yeah, I’m playing metal on a giant luminous banana, big whoop, wanna fight about it?”

So has anyone played any of these new Gary Kramer guitars?

CLICK HERE to see the Gary Kramer Guitar eBay store.

NAMM 2009: Matt’s Music NAMM updates

Matt from Matt’s Music will be posting realtime photo and video updates from NAMM in Anaheim this week.

In a posting on Jemsite, Matt said “I will be posting pics and video in real time from the NAMM Show beginning at 10:30 this Thursday morning. More pics than video, but all the instruments, rockstars, parties and more will be available for your viewing pleasure. If you see something you need more info on or want to buy, you can email me at or call and text me at 617-281-1074”

Flickr –

Youtube –

I’m giving Matt a free plug cos I’ve bought a few things from him over the years, including an Ibanez RG550MXX Roadflare Red, and recently some pickups (which reminds me, I’ve gotta chase him up about a green Dimarzio single coil cover for my custom Ibanez Herc Fede swirl…).

CUSTOM CORNER: Swirled Ibanez RG

Here’s my work-in-progress custom Ibanez RG. The body was an eBay find, and a Christmas present from Mrs Iheartguitar: it’s an Ibanez RG570 with a custom swirl paint job by Herc Fede. For a while, Herc was selling painted bodies on eBay, as well as doing custom work, but as of July 1, 2008 he stopped taking orders for custom finishes. He plans to still occasionally offer painted bodies for sale, so check his webside periodically to see if you can snag one. What I particularly like about this body is the abstract duck figure in the top left corner of the image.

The neck was another eBay discovery, and was hand made by Herc himself. The colours are based on the Ibanez Jem 77PMC purple multicolour model from the early 90s. The neck is in great condition and feels very smooth and comfortable.

The electronics will consist of a pair of Dimarzio EJ Custom humbuckers, which are designed to sound like old Gretsch FilterTrons, and a Dimarzio Vintage Solo single coil in the middle, which is voiced to sound like a P90. I already have so many shred-style guitars that I thought it would be cool to have something that sounds a little more traditional, yet looks completely over the top.

The hardware is all authentic Ibanez, in the Cosmo colour, a kind of matte grey. The clear pickguard is from Jeannie Pickguards.

All that remains to be done now is have the body clearcoated and the electronics cavities shielded, which will be done by ET Guitars.
Other parts were ordered from World of Music in Brighton East here in Melbourne (I used to teach there, and they have an especially awesome range of Fender guitars and amps), Rich Harris’s Ibanez Rules, Matt’s Music Center, and eBay seller Kenvai.