Opeth Australian tour

Woohoo! Opeth are coming to Australia this December to kick our collective Antipodean asses with material from their killer new album Heritage as few as a few old favourites reworked in the vein of the Heritage stuff. (Read my interview with Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt here)

Here’s the press release about the tour, for which you can thank Soundwave Touring:

OPETH are Pioneers.

OPETH continue to create epic and iconic music; inventing and reinventing the rules as they go along. With over Twenty years and Ten albums under their collective belt, OPETH’s legion of fans has grown as much as their kaleidoscopic sound has broadened.

OPETH have reinforced their hold on the mantle of the most innovative, creative and revered heavy artist of recent times with the release of ‘Heritage’…”a progressive vision of metal’s limitless possibilities when placed in the hands of our generations greatest musicians and it’s an absolute masterpiece.” – Metal Hammer

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