REVIEW: Hiwatt T20

There’s something immediately comforting about even merely looking at the Hiwatt T20, in that kind of ‘I just want to put it in the corner of the room and gaze at it’ kind of way. A Hiwatt will do that to ya. The T20 is designed to provide classic Hiwatt tone for both old-school and modern musical applications. It packs a pair of EL84 power valves and a trio of 12AX7 preamp valves and it’s ready to unleash 18 watts RMS of power through a single 12″ Fane speaker.

Hiwatt points out that the T20 is similar to the hand-wired 20 watt Custom but is not quite as grown-up or refined as its big brother. Think of it as the ratty little bro who gets into scraps down at the pub, but has a heart of gold and will always help you move house. Now, the company says the amp is intended as an entry point for those not yet familiar with first-hand playing experience of the Hiwatt tube sound. That’s a pretty ballsy and important task for this self-confessed little bruiser, effectively making the T20 the equivalent of whoever it is that gets to greet the aliens when they land.

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