Introducing the IHG Nostalgia pedal

In our eternal quest for tone, we here at IHG Labs have created a slew of unique one-off effect pedals. These units have been kept under lock and key under heavily-enforced secrecy until now – secrecy so secret that we were careful to not even label the controls. Or differentiate one pedal from another. This might have been a mistake.

Now IHG Labs throws its doors open to you, the reader/tone-seeker, with the introduction of the IHG Nostalgia, the one pedal we were able to open and examine the circuit of before we lost our screwdriver. Now, as we all know, music is tangibly better when it reminds you of a treasured memory. So using the latest in digital-replicating analog technology, the Nostalgia emits a strong RF field which reads the biorhythms of the audience and tailors the pedal’s response in order to invoke different levels of nostalgia in each audience member, thus making your music perceptibly better to each and every one of them.

The First Beer circuit reaches into the listener’s memory and stealthly makes a wax paper copy of the brainwave profile experienced when the listener drank their first beer. The First Beer knob superimposes this brainwave profile onto the input signal and amplifies it as much or as little as desired – from a vague reminiscence to uncomfortable flashback to a full-blown intervention. It gets pretty uncomfortable.

The First Grope matrix secretes sexual pheromones into the air which remind the listener of the first time a member of their preferred gender got their hands on the listener’s goodies. Don’t turn this one up to 10 unless you’re Prince. R.I.P.

The Early Stuff knob triggers an endorphin rush which convinces the listener that the music you’re making is every bit as good as your first couple of albums. If you hold down the bypass switch, the First Beer and First Grope circuits are run in series into the Early Stuff circuit and fed back into itself through a feedback loop to set off extremely complex emotional chains. The kind of stuff that will keep your partial-reunion tours running for decades. 

The IHG Nostalgia will be available in September 2023.

I Heart Guitar’s 1st birthday giveaway spectacular!

Today is I Heart Guitar’s first birthday. That’s right, one year to the day since I decided to follow Mrs I Heart Guitar‘s suggestion to chuck a couple of stories online and see what happened. That first story is right here. And birthdays need birthday presents! But since the blog itself is not a person, it can’t really accept presents. So how would you like to win some instead?

1st Prize

1 LiquiFire 7
1 Crunch Lab 7
1 2 inch black nylon cliplock strap
1 Blk Instrument cable
1 Blk Jumper cable

From Australasian Music Supplies (Aussie Dunlop/MXR distributors)

Signed Dunlop Kerry King poster
Dunlop Kerry King shirt

10 I Heart Guitar picks

2nd Prize
From DiMarzio

1 Urban Decay leather strap in white
1 hot pink instrument cable

From Australasian Music Supplies

Kerry King signature strings
Crybaby shirt

From Grover Allman

10 I Heart Guitar picks
Runner-up (X3)

From Australasian Music Supplies

1 set of Dunlop strings
Crybaby shirt

From Grover Allman

5 I Heart Guitar picks

To get your hands on this sweet sweet booty (and there might be more to come – I think DiMarzio may also be sending some shirts and other stuff in addition to what’s listed above, and Chris from Riot said he’d throw in some CDs and posters but he’s on holiday this week!), email me at with your name and location. Winners will be drawn at random on September 16. I promise I won’t use your email for any purpose other than informing you if you win.

There are a lot of people, sites and companies to thank for making the last year so freaking awesome. Premier Guitar, Guitar Edge, Jon at Guitar Noize, Laurie at Truth In Shredding, Lewis from Japan Guitar Journies, JP from Strat-O-Blogster, Ava from the Jemsite blog – in fact, just check out the blog list on the right side of the page and click on all those links, cos everyone there is awesome.

Huge huge huge thanks to Mr Kosta Linardos, my editor at Mixdown magazine, for not having a problem with me using Mixdown stuff on the site.

Others who have hugely helped me out include Taylor Guitars, Jim Dunlop, Guitar Toyz, DiMarzio, Peterson, Grover Allman, IK Multimedia, Waves, Zoxsy, Native Instruments, Australasian Music Supplies, CMI, RJM Music, Shire Music, Rob at 1988 Media, Bob at Roadrunner, Andrew at, Mitch at … and if I forgot anyone I’m really sorry, my brain is fried today but if you send me an email I’ll add you to this list!

And let’s not forget lovely gents like Bryan Beller, Paul Gilbert, Steve Turner, Joe Matera and Nick Brown! And anyone who has ever left a comment, followed me on Twitter or sent me an email about the site.

Most of all though I’ve gotta thank Pilgrim because she’s gorgeous and beautiful and super-supportive and I don’t know how the heck I got so lucky!

And our son (almost 3 years old) gets special mention for being really cute and funny and for getting almost as excited about pedals as I do.

NEWS: Relaunched Guitar Edge mentions I Heart Guitar

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge guitar magazine junkie. Well the newly-relaunched Guitar Edge magazine is now online and lo and behold, there’s an article about I Heart Guitar in it! And the article was written by Michael Mueller, formerly Editor In Chief of the great and much-missed Guitar One magazine. It’s kinda freaky to see an article about me written by someone whose work I’ve read for years.

Check out the article here

The new Guitar Edge site is still coming together but it’s already full of awesome content, including lessons with John 5 and Greg Koch, reviews of the Tech 21 Double Drive XXX, Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 and a cool comparison of clean boost pedals. There are also lots of guitar tabs accompanied by notes on what’s required to play each song, including technique and tone tips. And interviews with Mastodon, Helmet’s Page Hamilton, and much much much much more.

NEWS: I Heart Guitar hits #1 on

Wow, I almost fell off my chair right now after seeing that today I Heart Guitar is ranked #1 on the site. Awesome! I’d like to give a big shout-out to my fellow bloggers because the charts are compiled to reflect how many links a blog has pointing to it from other blogs.

Here are the links to the other blogs in the top 10.

Jemsite Blog

Guitar Noize

Truth In Shredding

Gibson Lifestyle

Guitar Player Daily


Classical Guitar Blog

Blues Foundation News

Pro Tone Pedals


This morning my 2-year-old and I climbed into the car to zoom across town to Billy Hyde Music in Blackburn to pick up my latest toy, a JLH AxeTrak. I bought the AxeTrak after reading about it on Harmony Central and posting about it here on my blog.

The AxeTrak is a speaker and microphone inside a soundproofed box, and with it I’ll finally be able to record my Marshall DSL50 amp in a controlled environment – which means I’ll now be able to record audio and video reviews of various products for I Heart Guitar. I’ve already planned the first few pedal reviews, which will be the Roger Mayer Spitfire X and Mongoose X, and the MXR EVH Phase 90. It might take me a couple of weeks to post them while I mess around with video editing programs (used to edit video for a living but I’m a bit out of practice now) and try to figure out the best way to do it. But at the very least I should have audio samples of the Roger Mayer pedals finished some time this week.

NEWS: I Heart Guitar on Twitter

I’m still messing around with it, but I recently set up an I Heart Guitar account on Twitter. I’ve been reading some articles on how to best utilise Twitter with blogging (here’s a good one for you bloggers: and hopefully I can figure out how to make it all work. Bear with me as I no doubt make dumbass mistakes for a few days.

The address is