NAMM 2010: More pics of the Ibanez Universe swirl reissue

Now that I’m back home in Australia I’m sorting through my NAMM photos. Here are some more pics and a press release about the UV77REMC, the new 20th anniversary reissue of the UV77MC.

First up are my pics from the display:

New Ibanez Universe 7-String Re-Issue Rockets 20 Years Back to The Future
January 29, 2010

It was 20 years ago when Steve Vai joined forces with Ibanez to produce his ultimate weapon, the 7-string Universe, the first production 7-string solid-body electric guitar. The groundbreaking Universe was quickly recognized as the “Most Innovative Guitar of the Year” by music retailers at the 1990 Music and Sound Awards.

Originally designed as a virtuoso shred machine, the guitar would have a new life later in the ’90s with its extended low-end range making possible the new breed of rhythmic metal of heavy music players such as Korn and Dino Cazares. Ibanez is proud to recognize Steve Vai’s achievement with the release of the new UV77RE Universe 20th Anniversary edition.

Like the original, the solid body UV77RE reissue is seven strings of fire, ready-made for maximum shred and some of the meanest riffing on the planet. The multi-color swirl motif arrives once again from the original Universe artist, Darren Johansen. Because of the swirl paint process each Universe guitar is uniquely individual in appearance. As with Ibanez’s other Limited Edition Reissues such as the famous Bob Weir model, all UV77RE models are crafted in Japan by the same luthiers who created the originals.

1990 not only brought the Ibanez Universe guitar to the world, it also debuted Steve Vai’s groundbreaking, earth shattering album, “Passion and Warfare,” and each U77RE comes with a commemorative poster of this sonic masterpiece.

Only 100 UV77RE reissues will be available worldwide.

SONG: My shred cover of ‘Hey Mickey’

Here’s something a little bit fun and a whole lot silly -my shred cover of ‘Hey Mickey.’ I recorded this back in early 2007 as a bit of a joke. A music forum I used to visit had a challenge where everyone got assigned a cover song to record. I was given ‘Hey Mickey’ and this is the result.

There should be a YouTube bar embedded above, but if that doesn’t work on your computer for some reason, click HERE.

The gear used for the track was very simple. An Ibanez RG7420 7-string with DiMarzio Tone Zone bridge pickup for the rhythm guitars, and an Ibanez Jem7VWH with DiMarzio Evolution pickups for the lead. No amps were used, just a Boss GT-8 direct into a Macbook running Garageband. This was before I even had my Pro Tools rig. I used the GT-8’s Soldano SLO100-inspired model, and used the GT-8’s wah and pitch bend (similar to a Digitech Whammy Pedal) effects in a few select places. I was going for a lead guitar tone like something Steve Vai might have used on his Sex & Religion album.

I put the song up on Myspace for a while and Mike Chapman, the legendary producer who wrote it, heard my version and really liked it. He offered to mix it for me just for fun, provided I record some real drums for it instead of the badly programmed Garageband MIDI drums. I did so, but as is the case with these things sometimes, it never ended up happening – I didn’t hear back from Mike after I emailed him to say the drums were recorded, and the whole thing just kinda petered out. I kinda feel like it’s run its course anyhow, so I present it here as a fun little distraction, as well as the first recording I made after getting my Jem.