INTERVIEW: Trivium’s Matt Heafy & Corey Beaulieu

We all know Trivium can play. They’ve been able to shred with the best of them ever since their first album, 2003’s Ember To Inferno, while and 2008’s Shogun veered close to progressive metal more than once, with its complex single note lines and ferocious 7-string riffage. But new album In Waves (Roadrunner) finds these Floridians exploring more restrained territory – to a point. The riffs are more direct, the tones are huge, and the songwriting is tight and purposeful. Guitarists Corey Beaulieu and Matt Heafy refined their approach without losing their edge or power, a rare feat in a world were ‘stripped back songwriting’ is usually taken to mean ‘wimpy.’ There’s still plenty of precision in the latest evolution of the Trivium sound, and there’s more than enough aggression to satisfy fans of the band’s early hardcore days, but In Waves stands out as the best sounding and most repeat-listenable Trivium album to date. I spoke with Heafy and Beaulieu about what went into the project, and what ultimately came out.

You started working on this album quite a while ago. Is that how you always work?

COREY BEAULIEU Mostly on every record, while we’re touring for the previous record, we stockpile ideas. Once we get off tour we have a lot of stuff we can start digging into and putting together. We use the tour to write and put together ideas so that when we start on the next record we’re a bit ahead. We’ve already got stuff we’ve been working on over time and that has been allowed to develop. Some of the songs go back pretty far back in the Shogun touring cycle.

What was your guitar approach on this album?

BEAULIEU It was about focusing on the songs, and writing songs that are straight to the point. It wasn’t all about technical stuff or trying to riff out a lot or show off. It was just making sure everything in the song was what needed to be there and nothing more. Taking a songwriter’s approach and not trying to be a flashy guitar player. It’s all about making the song and the riff the best it can be. It’s a lot simpler technically. We took that approach for the playing stuff, and the solos were whatever was needed for the song, whether it was a crazy solo or something more melodic. The songs dictated the lead stuff.

MATT HEAFY We were thinking about telling [producer] Colin Richardson, “We want a combination of this, this and that…” but I’m pretty sure we held all of our comments until we saw him in person. The guitar process was long. Normally, every record we’ve ever done, you get a BS scratch guitar tone and send it off to be mixed later, but Colin’s whole thing is he doesn’t want to record a second of music until he has a tone that will be the final tone of the record. I think we spent about five days on the guitar tone.

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Matt Heafy takes you through the new Trivium album

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And check back tomorrow for my interview with Heafy and co-guitarist Corey Beaulieu. A snippet from Corey:

“We just thought after playing some of those songs on the tour cycle for that record, some of the stuff was so involved on guitar that it was hard to have fun during the show because we were concentrating so much on what we were playing. We just wanted to write stuff that was fun so the songs were more straight to the point and easier to get into, and not be this crazy, technical guitar album. We just didn’t feel like playing those long, elaborate songs. We wanted really energetic, fun songs that people could get a hold of and get into really easily.”

NEWS: Trivium ‘In Waves’ free download



Early this morning Trivium uploaded a FREE MP3 as a giveaway of their brand new track ‘In Waves’. Make sure you head over there now to pick it up!

‘In Waves’ is the current track from Trivium’s forthcoming studio album, also called In Waves, out on August 5, 2011 through Roadrunner Records.

The band is releasing their fifth studio album, In Waves, on August 5, 2011.  In Waves was recorded at Paint It Black Studios in Altamonte Springs, Florida and Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida.  The album was produced and mixed by Colin Richardson and Martyn “Ginge” Ford for Real Productions.

Trivium is Matthew Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar, vocals), Paolo Gregoletto (bass guitar) and Nick Augusto (drums).

For further information on Trivium visit,

In Waves out August 5 through Roadrunner Records.