Positive Grid Amp Creation Competition

Custom-Amp-CompetitionPRESS RELEASE: Positive Grid announces the first amp creation competition as a celebration of their over 1 million ToneCloud views for its BIAS amp designer app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply by submitting a short video demoing your custom BIAS amp between March 18 and April 18 you can win an iPad Air + $25 iTunes Cards! Just:

1. Create and share your custom amp patch on BIAS ToneCloud

2. Create a YouTube video about your BIAS amp, with “BIAS Custom Amp Competition” as part of the title.

3. Submit the link at http://www.positivegrid.com/contest

Positive Grid team will select the best tones and will pick one winner for the iPad Air and four winners for the iTunes Gift Cards. Winners will be announced on April 23 on Positive Grid’s Facebook wall.  Read More …

Steve Vai Releases Vai360° iOS App

vaiSteve Vai and Mativision have just released Vai360°, an interactive iOS app which lets you stand onstage with Steve and band to experience a live concert happening all around you. Captured at a recent Vai show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, the app gives you access to six different cameras which you can virtually rotate (either manually or using your device’s gyro feature), or you can put the app in Auto mode to call the shots for you. There’s also a tour of Vai’s Harmony Hut studio where you can covet his guitars and amps in 360 degrees while he talks you through what’s what. I’ve been messing around with the app this morning and it’s really cool. Man, Vai uses every centimetre of that stage, doesn’t he! Check out the video below and read the press release. Then go get it in the app store! Read More …

LiveTunes: Is That An Arena In Your Pocket?

LiveTunesAn app that adds crowd noise and reverb to studio recordings? On the surface that sounds to me like kinda a gimmick. And I guess it is. But at the same time, it also sounds kinda fun! Not gonna lie, sometimes I’d like to hear an arena crowd screaming and cheering in response to my music, but unless I crowdsource the funds to pay a crowd, that probably ain’t gonna happen. So at least I can load my tracks into the new app LiveTunes, drink way too much wine and gaze mournfully at the rain through the window as I dream of what could have been, had I somehow managed to spearhead an arena-instrumental-rock revival. Anyway, here’s the press release! Read More …

IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube 3.0 for iOS

atstudio_webpage_cover_718x450Aaah, IK Multimedia. They just keep getting better and better. The first desktop AmpliTube was pretty darn impressive for the time (three amp models!?!) but then they released AmpliTube 2 and it really kicked ass. Then they released AmpliTube 3 and it really, really kicked ass. And similarly for their iOS offerings. The new version of AmpliTube adds a complete multi-track studio as well as new gear models, really unlocking the power of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s the press release: Read More …

Line 6 Announces Sonic Port

SonicPort_back-lowResIt’s been very interesting watching the evolution of iOS audio interfaces over the years. The first few were very primative and they didn’t sound so great. The next generation was, of course, better. But now everyone’s really stepping up, and it’s no longer a matter of ‘Listen! We can get your guitar into an iPad!’ It’s ‘Listen! We can get studio-quality sound out of an iPad!’ Line 6’s Sonic Port is their latest interface, building on the success of the rather neat Mobile In but taking it all much further and featuring integration with the Jammit app. Here’s the press release: Read More …

IK Multimedia upgrades SampleTank for iOS

SampleTank Makes Performing on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Even Easier

The first pro-quality sound and groove workstation for iOS adds MIDI Control and Program Change + free instruments in every category

July 2012, Modena, Italy – IK Multimedia is proud to announce the 1.2 update to SampleTank® for iOS, the universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, through the iTunes App store. The update, for both regular and free versions, is available as a free download to existing users that adds support for MIDI Program Change and Controller editing of all edit strip knobs for enhanced expression and performance in any environment from the studio to the stage. The 1.2 update also now provides free instruments in every category so users can create instantly anytime and everywhere.

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REVIEW: IK Multimedia AmpliTube Slash for iPad

Slash is one of those players who manages to cross the divide between generations. Original classic rock fans love his blues-based style. Hard rock and metal fans dig his attitude. And kids are drawn to his guitar hero persona. Slash has always used top-quality gear and has had no hesitation in putting his name to the equipment that meets his standards. We may not all be able to afford a Gibson Slash Les Paul and his signature Marshall AFD 100 amp, but now with AmpliTube Slash you can at still rock out with a version of Slash’s iconic tone – no, scratch that, make that tones.

AmpliTube Slash is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and you can use IK Multimedia’s iRig or iRig Stomp to connect to the app. Other interfaces which use the 30 pin connector work too, and you can also use iRig MIDI to control AmpliTube Slash with your floor controller.

The app includes five effects (Chorus, Delay, Booster, OctoBlue and Distortion/Wah, the latter being available for free when you register the app) as well as a noise gate, two amplifier heads (Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the AFD 100), a single track recorder, expandable to eight tracks with mastering effects. You can export your recordings via email, SoundCloud, FTP or File Sharing. There are 30 tone presets included, and you can create your own too. There’s a tuner, a metronome, and you can import/purchase and play along with your favourite Slash tracks or any music in your library. The SpeedTrainer section lets you slow down or speed up licks while maintaining pitch for practicing. if you currently own AmpliTube for iPad or iPhone, upgrade to version 2.5 for free and all AmpliTube Slash gear models are available as in-app purchase, either as a complete set or a-la-carte.

So those amp models: it appears that there are two included, but really there’s three, with two contained within the Marshall AFD100 amp, just like with the real amp. Lemmie explain. The original AFD100 Slash amp features two modes: AFD and 34. The 34 mode is based on Slash’s modded JCM 800 2208 (which has ’34’ stencilled on the side). The second mode, AFD, adds an extra gain stage and is based on the sound heard on the Appetite For Destruction album. So the AFD model in the app is based on this amp and its two modes. Cool huh?

I plugged my Gibson Les Paul Traditional in using Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack 2 (I don’t have an iRig Stomp handy) and let rip. I could tell you all about the sounds, but you can hear some of my noodlings here.

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COOL GEAR ALERT: Agile Partners GuitarToolkit 2.0


Agile Partners Announces GuitarToolkit 2.0

Featuring All-New iPad Version and GuitarToolkit+ Upgrade for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, December 15, 2011 – Agile Partners, a leading developer of iOS apps for guitar players, today announced GuitarToolkit 2.0, featuring an all-new iPad version that is free for existing GuitarToolkit users and the GuitarToolkit+ Upgrade, an in-app purchase that adds Chord Sheets, Custom Instruments, and Advanced Metronome.

One of the App Store’s top-rated apps for guitar players, GuitarToolkit was introduced on the opening day of the App Store in July, 2008 and has received thousands of five-star ratings from customers around the world. Recognized as an iPhone Hall of Fame inductee, GuitarToolkit on iPhone, iPod touch, and now iPad is a collection of essential tools for guitar players: an extremely accurate tuner, a precision metronome, an extensive library of chords, scales and arpeggios, standard and alternate tunings, and more. In addition to 6, 7 and 12-string guitar, GuitarToolkit also supports 4, 5 and 6-string bass, banjo, mandolin and ukulele, with chords, scales, arpeggios and alternate tunings for each instrument.

“We redesigned GuitarToolkit specifically for iPad to take advantage of the large screen and power of the device,” said John Berry, a principal at Agile Partners. “The large, high-resolution screen is perfect for displaying the interactive Chord Sheets that are included in the new GuitarToolkit+ Upgrade. Users can capture chord progressions and song ideas by adding any combination of chords from GuitarToolkit’s vast chord library. You can touch any chord on a chord sheet to hear it play, print the entire chord sheet to an AirPrint-enabled printer, and email a PDF of the chord sheet to a band member or student,” said Berry.

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