REVIEW: MI Amplification Iron Duke

MI Amplification is an Australian company who make killer tube amps with utterly bulletproof, road-ready construction and incredibly versatile tone. I recently got my hands on their Megalith amp for some recording and reviewing, and it blew my mind with its approach to heavy, heavy tones. It really excelled as a high-gain metal monster, but that’s not all I play, so I was stoked to see the Iron Duke arrive for this review. So I lugged it to my music room and plugged it into my 4X12 cab. Let the madness begin!

The Iron Duke is a 50 watt amp powered by a pair of EL34 output tubes – the same type used in classic Marshalls of course. The EL34 is known for its warm midrange and somewhat loose low end. In this case the tubes operate in Class A/B with their operating voltage kept low so they can be pushed without any problems. The amp can also be switched into to low power mode to get that sweet power amp distortion at lower volumes.

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