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Hey! Head over to Jason Shadrick’s blog to see my guest post, a lesson on the crafty art of syncopation. Hope you dig it. Make sure you check out the rest of Jason’s site, including his excellent Twitter directory and the ‘7 Questions’ series including Greg Koch, Steve Vai, Alex Skolnick (I especially dig Alex’s Hunter S Thompson quote), Stu Hamm, Paul Gilbert and many more.

Jason is director of marketing and artist relations for The National Guitar Workshop. Follow him on Twitter!

NEWS: News for March 20, 2009

Metallica ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ single
The forthcoming Metallica ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ single is one for the diehard collectors, as well as geeks like me who once upon a time may or may not have religiously collected the Star Wars Fact Files or something similar. A-hem.

The release of the singles will be staggered, beginning April 3.

CD 1 Digipack (With two clear trays to allow additional CDs)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Broken, Beat & Scarred (live)
* End Of The Line (live)

CD 2 J Card (To be collected and to insert into CD 1)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Stone Cold Crazy (live)
* Of Wolf And Man (live)

DVD Single (To be collected and to insert into CD 1)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred – Promo Video
* The Day That Never Comes – Promo Video
* Death Magnetic EPK (Electronic Press Kit – running time – 17:25)

CD Maxi Single
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Broken, Beat & Scarred (live)
* End Of The Line (live)
* Stone Cold Crazy (live)
* Of Wolf And Man (live)

Source: Metallica
CD 1 CD 2 DVD Single

PRS Signature Series cable
True gearhounds know that your guitar cable is an extremely important part of the signal chain. You may have the best pickups and guitar woods in the world, but without a good cable it’s going to sound weak and stinky. PRS to the rescue! PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research introduce the PRS Signature Series Cables, including guitar and speaker cables manufactured to exacting specifications. PRS Signature Series Cable is manufactured from the finest materials by noted UK-based cable stalwart Van Damme. Paul Reed Smith himself said “Every inch of a PRS guitar is based on decades of testing, rethinking, and reinventing. We continue to push the curve and, in regard to our new PRS Signature Series Cable, the same holds true.” PRS Signature Series instrument cables range in price from MSRP $49.95 to $64.95 depending upon length. The company’s loudspeaker cable carries an MSRP of $49.95 to $89.95. PRS Signature Series Cable is available through authorized PRS Guitar retailers and is available now. Every cable includes a full lifetime warranty.

Source: Paul Reed Smith.
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Guitar World launches news site – and I Heart Guitar is on it!
This could be quite cool. Guitar World has launched a new site which collates news from various blogs, kinda similar to Digg. I Heart Guitar is listed there, as are some of my fellow guitar bloggers including Truth In Shredding, Guitar Noize, Strat-O-Blogster, Guitar Lifestyle, Me and Mace, Random Chatter, and Jason Shadrick’s Guitar Blog.

Source: Guitar World.

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NEWS: Top 10 Guitar Related Twitter Users (Shadrick Guitar Blog)

So this morning I noticed I was getting a whole lot more Twitter follower notifications than usual. I was wondering why, before finally realising that the Shadrick Guitar Blog (the blog of Jason Shadrick from National Guitar Workshop) had posted a great article entitled Top 10 Guitar Related Twitter Users. Among the names were yours truly, as well as my buddies Guitar Noize and Mad Stratter, not to mention Living Colour’s Vernon Reid.

Head over to the article for the rest of the names and all of the Twitter IDs, and CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter. I have a feed set up to publish my headlines and story links automatically, but I also post random things such as what articles I’m working on at the time, and stuff like that. Recently I called for readers to submit questions for my forthcoming interview with Dimarzio pickup designer Steve Blucher (There’s still time to submit questions, I might add).