The Tea Party (the band, obnobviously) reunion sticks!

Just saw this article from the Toronto Sun wherein the magnificently talented Mr. Jeff Martin of The Tea Party says of the band’s recent reunion shows: “This is not a victory lap, that’s for sure. This is permanent.”

The band got back together recently for a few shows, with the usual caveat of “We’ll just see how it goes.” Well I guess it goes good, cos Martin said this:

“I want to take it back to where I feel the band left off at its height of creative powers. I guess that would be somewhere between (1995’s) The Edges of Twilight and (1997’s) Transmission. That was the period where we weren’t succumbing to outside pressure. It was just us, for better or worse. The thing that The Tea Party was known for, the thing fans looked to us for, was that mix of the exotic Middle Eastern influences against the hard rock. That’s what we love to do and we want to explore that again. In January, once this tour is done, I plan on going to Morocco for a couple of weeks and starting to write again.”

YES! Just fucking YES!

NEWS: Tea Party reunite!

The Tea Party  – Jeff Martin, Jeff Burrows and Stuart Chatwood – will get back together in July to play a few gigs, including Big Music Fest III and Rogers Bayfest.

The Tea Party will play with INXS and Theory Of A Deadman at Big Music Fest on July 2, and at Rogers Bayfest on July 9. Other acts to play during Bayfest include KISS (July 6), Steve Miller Band (July 8), The Tragically Hip (July 10), Trace Adkins (July 15) and Lady Antebellum (July 16).

There’s a Tea Party Facebook page here.

Tea Party singer/guitarist Jeff Martin’s new band, Jeff Martin 777, just released their debut album. Read my review here.

CD REVIEW: Jeff Martin 777 – The Ground Cries Out

The Tea Party were, to some, one of the most important bands of the 90s. Their blend of heavy blues, post-rock electronica, middle-eastern scales and hedonist mysticism was the perfect sound for the times, and yet it hasn’t dated in the way many of their contemporaries have. if anything, the Canadian trio’s music now seems even more timeless.

The Tea Party broke up a few years ago but band leader Jeff Martin has continued to make music, both under his own name (the brilliant Exile & The Kingdom) and with The Armada. His newest venture, Jeff Martin 777, is a power trio which builds on the musical vocabulary of The Tea Party, rather than simply tries to repeat it. Martin’s cohorts in the venture are J Cortez (Sleepy Jackson/The Armada) on bass and Malcom Clarke (Sleepy Jackson/The Basement Birds) on drums.

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This is the first in what will be an occasional series where I’ll dig out various artists that I think haven’t quite got the respect they deserve, or might just be a little underground. And who better to start with than The Tea Party? These Canadian rockers were popular in their home country and Australia, but couldn’t quite seem to get a leg up in the US. That’s a huge shame because they friggin’ rocked. Imagine the logical conclusion of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir crossed with Depeche Mode’s gothy moments, or maybe a more exotic version of Queensryche in the Promised Land era, and you get a bit of an idea of their general vibe. The Tea Party broke up in 2005 and frontman Jeff Martin now has a new band called The Armarda who are quite Tea Party-sounding (and check out his awesome solo stuff), but forgive my selfishness in hoping to see a reunion some day. I saw two Tea Party gigs and they were always an amazing live band, throwing in spontaneous covers and messing with arrangements.

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So here are my top 5 Tea Party songs:


The Bazaar

Sister Awake

Walking Wounded

Heaven Coming Down