Gibson Kirk Douglas Roots SG

Kirk Douglas SG“Captain” Kirk Douglas of The Roots is such a monster of a player. Technique, tone, taste, adaptability – dude can do it all. So if anyone deserves a signature Gibson, it be he. Douglas’s SG, much like Douglas himself, has a few tricks up its sleeve. The three Gibson ’57 Classic humbuckers can be split into single coil mode, and you can dial in the middle pickup on any setting thanks to the stealth blender ring disguised within its TogPot™ selector switch. And I especially like that the tailpiece says “Captain” instead of “Gibson.” I love this guitar! It’s really the ultimate as far as what I would want from an SG. I want one!!! Check out the video below, and head on over to for more info. Read More …

Johnny Marr Unveils New Song, Tour Dates

d424475aEarlier this year the legendary Johnny Marr released his first ever solo album, The Messenger. Marr’s new song, The It-Switch, which is streaming now at Pitchfork, is the b-side to his new single New Town Velocity, a track from the album. The single will be released exclusively in the U.K. next week as a limited edition 7″ vinyl, and an iTunes download. By the way, Marr’s signature Fender Jaguar has got to be one of the coolest guitars in the current Fender catalog – hell, it’s really the ultimate Jaguar, with everything that’s great about the Jag and none of the bad bits that kept some players away. Check it out here. Read More …

UPDATE: First look at Dave Mustaine’s new Dean Zero

UPDATE! Here’s footage of Dave Mustaine using his new Dean Zero signature model on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

Check out this pic from the photo gallery of Dave Mustaine’s page at The Live Line. It’s the first look at his new Dean signature model, the Zero, which he plan to play on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on September 17 (actually technically it’ll be September 18 because the show starts over midnight – but you know what I mean, right?). Make sure you sign up for TheLiveLine – it kicks ass.

Dave mentioned this guitar in my interview with him a few weeks ago:

“At the NAMM show that’s coming up at the beginning of next year they’re going to be debuting a brand-new Dean guitar for me. The exciting part is that I looked at Dean’s catalogue and a lot of the guitars they had and… well, my VMNTs, it’s nothing like the original V that they have. It’s nothing like the ones they’re creating right now too. My line is my line. Neck shape, the configuration of the electronics, the ease and comfort, the way the pitch of the headstock is, the way the strings go through the body for getting all of that extra resonance. It’s a one-of-a-kind mentality towards making a guitar the absolute best thing you could ever possibly want to play through. They had another body style that wasn’t being utilised by anybody. I said ‘Can I get you to make me one of those?’ ‘Well yeah, fuck man, sure man!’ I said ‘Wow, is anybody playing this?’ ‘No man.’ I said ‘Can I?’ ‘Fuck yeah man!’ I said ‘Can I change some of the lines on this?’ ‘Yeah sure!’ ‘So I’m gonna Dave Mustaine this guitar right now, ok.’ So we’re debuting a brand-new style. It’s called the Zero and I can’t really tell you much more than that other than it’s going to be a workhorse and the people who have seen it already over at Dean, they’ve been there for years and they’ve seen everything under the sun, that kinda stuff is exciting. Especially when it’s opening up another area of creativity with the company.”

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.