NAMM: Charvel Booth Visit

IMG_2397One of my favourite things about NAMM this year was that Charvel was up in the Fender room, where it belongs, instead of downstairs tucked away into a weird little area that was hard to see until you were inside it like last year. This meant it was much easier to see beautiful new instruments like the Guthrie Govan, Joe Duplantier and Jake E Lee signature models as well as plenty of beautiful Charvel Custom Shop creations and of course the San Dimas Style 1 that will never, ever stop being awesome. Join us as we take a peek, won’t you? Read More …

NAMM: Charvel Jake E Lee, Guthrie, Gojira sigs

BetH6nJCEAAnf_BPRESS RELEASE: Charvel is proud to announce three new signature models, the JEL Signature Pearl White model, Guthrie Govan Signature models and Joe Duplantier Signature San Dimas Style 2. For decades now, the most requested Charvel guitar ever is a Jake E. Lee signature model based on the distinctive white “Charvel-ized” instrument the great guitarist has played ever since he bought it new back in 1975. With this special guitar, from his first notable successes in the early 1980s through an acclaimed career that continues today with Red Dragon Cartel, Lee remains an admired and influential musician’s musician. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Gojira’s Joe Duplantier

French metal band Gojira have been a ‘next big thing’ for far too long. They’ve maintained the same line-up since forming in Bayonne in 1996, and each successive album has pushed them closer and closer to the spotlight. But L’Enfant Sauvage is going to change all that. This is the album that seems finally destined to bump Gojira all the way into at least Lamb of God/Trivium levels of fame. It combines a Devin Townsend-esque appreciation for atmosphere and melody with post-thrash rhythms, post-death metal drumming and a live, human element that’s missing from so much current studio-tweezed metal. After a triumphant run during Australias’s Soundwave Festival (which saw Devin Townsend and Meshuggah’s Fredrik Thordendal join them on stage for a historic performance of their studio collaboration “Of Blood And Salt”), Gojira are ready.

“The reason why we did that tour was to see a kangaroo,” guitarist and vocalist Joe Duplantier says of the recent Soundwave shows. “That was our main purpose! The reason why we came to Australia! And then we played some shows with Soundwave. But mostly we wanted to see a wild kangaroo. The last day of the tour we still hadn’t seen a kangaroo so we rented a car and went to the desert. Couldn’t find one the whole day. But on our way back to Perth we saw one, man! The night was falling and this huge kangaroo was jumping, and everyone was screaming in the car.” But  now that the hunt for bipedal marsupials is over, Gojira is getting down to business. L’Enfant Sauvage is their first album on Roadrunner Records. It’s a diverse collection of tracks, some heavy, some more ambient, with an unusual amount of colour and drama for most bands other than Devin Townsend and Cynic. “I don’t listen to metal a lot,” Duplantier explains. I listen to Massive Attach and Morcheeba and Radiohead, Portishead. My brother [Mario Duplantier, drums] likes Indian music. Christian [Andreu], the other guitar player, doesn’t like music at all! He likes silence! He’s like, “Wow, this is the best.” And the bass player [Jean-Michel Labadie] listens to all kinds of metal. He’s a huge metal fan. So it’s an interesting mix. We have different attitudes, and it creates something more personal. I’d like to think that through the years, as we release albums, it’s getting closer to what we are, closer to the core. It’s a nice feeling. I love this album. We reached something that Im’ really, really happy with.”

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Free Gojira track download

Gojira release their new album L’Enfant Sauvage on June 22 via Roadrunner. It’s an utter monster of an album and I’ll publish my interview with singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Duplantier closer to the release date. But before then you can download a free mp3 of the track “Liquid Fire” via this Facebook link:

Go get it! Go go go!