Hear Periphery’s “The Scourge”

Wanna hear some new Periphery? They’ve just released a teaser for their new two-album opus, Juggernaut, in the form of the track “The Scourge.” And here it is!

My thoughts? I dig it! There’s almost a Mr. Bungle vibe to the first half, and Spencer seems to be holding back a little bit vocally …then all hell breaks loose with some killer screams. And the guitars sound huge. I can’t wait to hear this song in context.

“The Scourge” is from the first album, Juggernaut: Alpha. Here are the covers and track listings.

Juggernaut: Alpha

periphery2015cd1 01. A Black Minute (4:16)
02. MK Ultra (2:50)
03. Heavy Heart (4:22)
04. The Event (1:45)
05. The Scourge (5:36)
06. Alpha (5:31)
07. 22 Faces (3:52)
08. Rainbow Gravity (4:39)
09. Four Lights (2:18)
10. Psychosphere (6:16)

Juggernaut: Omega

periphery2015cd201. Reprise (1:25)
02. The Bad Thing (5:54)
03. Priestess (5:04)
04. Graveless (3:56)
05. Hell Below (3:43)
06. Omega (11:44)
07. Stranger Things (7:35)

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