Keeley Limited Release Black Glass British Fuzz

BlackGlassSplashPRESSS RELEASE: Keeley Electronics today announced it is building the Black Glass British Fuzz effect pedal. The pedal will be limited to 150 units.  The 100% hand-built Black Glass is a modern compact circuit of the classic OC81 based design and was created for the most demanding fuzz effects lovers. The Black Glass offers a wealth of tone bending vintage musical MkIII sounds with reduced noise and treble response and a modern power supply. With controls for FUZZ, TONE, and LEVEL the Black Glass makes it easy for players to dial in very wild amounts of fuzz. Modifications to the circuit allow for an increased high frequency not heard of before as well as ultra-low noise.  Furthermore, design modifications have solved temperature problems that can affect vintage fuzz units.  Players have the needed power supply inversion so that they can use a regular 9 Volt power supply.  Read More …

Keeley Ships Seafoam Chorus Pedal

image001PRESS RELEASE:Keeley Electronics today announced it is now shipping its Seafoam Chorus effect pedal. The 100% hand-built Seafoam chorus is a new design built from the ground up that was created for the most demanding modulation effects connoisseurs. The Seafoam chorus offers a wealth of studio-quality musical tones, from pulsating vibrato pitch bending to shimmering chorus doubling effects, all in a compact pedal design. With controls for modulation Rate, Depth, and Tone, the Seafoam Chorus makes it easy for players to dial in a wide palette of sounds. A unique Blend control was also added to enable players to toe the line between pure vibrato or chorus sounds – and explore countless variations at settings in between. Read More …

NEWS: New Keeley Phaser

I’m all for pushing the envelope in pedal design (actually, I really wish this was an article about an envelope filter), so I’m super-psyched about this new Keeley phaser. Who wants a mere second or two phasing duration when you can stretch that sucker out over a full ten minutes? I’m almost tempted to get one of these, jam some white noise into the front end, set the duration to ‘so slow you won’t even notice it actually changing until 5 minutes later,’ plug it into a loooooooooong delay and use the results to create a new subgenre of new age. Nobody steal my idea, please.

Keeley Phaser Begins Shipping Monday, Jan. 04, 2010

The Keeley Phaser is the first OTA analog phaser with tap tempo and Leslie style ramping. The control of the pedal is separated into two modes: Tap mode and Ramp mode. In Tap mode, the pedal’s phase rate can be controlled by a tap tempo or the speed knob. The Keeley Phaser is the first analog phaser to offer both tap tempo and speed knob options in one pedal. The tap tempo is capable of producing very slow speeds. The slowest phasing recorded to date is ten minutes, which appears to be the record for an analog phaser! When using ramp mode, the second footswitch becomes a way to change between fast and slow speeds that are set by knobs on the pedal. Users can switch between two speeds in an instant or have the pedal gradually go between speeds.

OTA style phasers are well known for their lush sound and shimmery characteristics. This six stage phaser delivers with great sound in any mode. High quality components are used in every part of the signal path.

6 stage OTA phasing circuit
Tap tempo
Extremely long phase times (with the tap)
Leslie style ramping
2 speeds (in Leslie mode)
9-volt battery or standard negative tip adapter
Backed by Keeley’s 5 year warranty

Again, we are shipping the first pre-orders of the Keeley Phaser on Monday, January 4, 2010. The current price is $249.00.
LINK: Keeley Electronics.

NEWS: Fire destroys Keeley Electronics facility

Fire has destroyed the entire inventory and workspace of Oklahoma-based pedal guru Robert Keeley’s Keeley Electronics. File this under News That Freaking Sucks. 

According to this news report, the fire occurred on Thursday afternoon and it is believed to have wiped out all parts and inventory. 
Thankfully there were no injuries.
Keeley lead technician Dusty Wayne Nelson says the company expects to be up and running again in no less than two months. 
I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing Robert Keeley and all his staff a speedy return to business.