INTERVIEW: Kill Devil Hill’s Rex Brown

rexrocker With Pantera, Rex Brown has created a legacy which serves as a sort of ‘how to’ on heavy metal bass playing. His heavy attack and his ability to simultaneously lock in with Dimebag Darrell’s guitar and Vinne Paul’s drums is as good an education on playing bass in a heavy band that you’re ever gonna get. Rex further showcased his sense of groove and power during his long tenure with Down, but it’s with his new band Kill Devil Hill that he really gets to shine as a bass player – without even trying. Rex’s playing in KDH is no Billy Sheehan-esque shredfest: rather it’s a tour de force of playing perfectly in the pocket and yet never being lost within the mix or underneath the arrangement. And with material that bobs and weaves through hard rock, heavy metal and grunge and even something close to blues-rock, Kill Devil Hill calls on Rex to be more musically flexible than ever while still maintaining his own musical voice. Kill Devil Hill are touring Australia in April with Killswitch Engage (read my interview with KSE’s Joel Stroetzel here).  Read More …

INTERVIEW: Killswitch Engage’s Joel Stroetzel

joel_stroetzel_03_smKillswitch Engage are in an enviable position as one of those metal bands who have survived the steady rise to fame of their youth and managed to sustain their audience 15 years into their career without sacrificing their principals or their aggression. If anything the Killswitch Engage of today is more brutal, precise and refined than ever. The band was last here in Australia for Soundwave 2013 just prior to the release of their sixth studio album, Disarm the Descent. Now nearing the end of the touring cycle for that album (and with original vocalist Jesse Leach now firmly back in the line-up after leaving in 2002), Killswitch Engage are headed back to Australia to give the album one last hurrah before moving on to their next project. “Australia’s one place where we’ve had some time to check out some cities and the wildlife and stuff,” says guitarist Joel Stroetzel. “It’s a pretty good time!”  Read More …

NEWS: Parker Vernon Reid, Adam Dutkiewicz signature models

It’s a big year for Living Colour fans, with the release of the new album The Chair In The Door on September 15 (more info here, or keep reading to see video of one of the tracks performed live) and the new Parker DF824VR Dragon Fly. Can’t wait to try this one out!

Here are excerpts from the press release:

The DF824VR from Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid
Vernon Reid is best known for his role in Living Colour, which he founded in 1984. The DF824VR was crafted in his honor.

The DF824VR is constructed of a poplar body, top and neck with a Parker Finger Joint set neck, and carbon composite fretboard. The DF824VR has a Floyd Rose original bridge, Grover tuners, EMG SAX neck and middle pickup and an EMG 81X bridge pickup. Available now in a violet pearl and black cherry finish with black hardware.

The DF842AD from Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz
Grammy-nominated heavy metal group Killswitch Engage has become one of the hottest touring bands since they hit the charts in 2004 thanks to influential guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz. Parker teamed up with Dutkiewicz to create a guitar that reflects his extremely articulate yet wild and unpredicatable style.

The DF842AD is expertly crafted of a mahogany body and top, mahogany neck with a Parker Finger Joint set neck, and carbon composite fretboard. Additional features include a Parker Tremelo bridge, Sperzel locking tuners, an EMG 85 pickup and an EMG 81 bridge pickup. Available now in black ice and dusty black finish with black hardware.

For more info, visit and Premier Guitar, and thanks to Guitar Noize for once again retweeting awesome news! Man, you’re on it today!