Ultra Rare Chance For Buddy Blaze-Modded Dean ML

From Buddy’s Facebook: “About 30 years ago, I bought this ’79 Dean ML from my good friend Eugene at the Arlington Guitar Show… I started restoring it in ’87. I got very busy with Kramer and Vivian Campbell at the time, so I put it in its case, in its present state. It has been there ever since then… I have pulled it out a couple of times since then, once to show Dimebag Darrell when Pantera was in New York touring with Prong. He was always looking for used MLs back then… Anyway, it’s time for me to finally finish it and find a new home for it. Who wants a genuine vintage Dean ’79 ML restored by Buddy Blaze? Call 818 620 6445 to put your name on it. Serious only please…”
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Win A Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell ‘Lightning Storm’ Shredder

buddy and vivian

The Kramer Nightswan is one of those ‘holy grail’ guitars for many players. It was very innovative for its time, and it lives on as the Buddy Blaze Shredder. (Buddy is, of course, one of the finest guitar builders in the world and the man responsible for my killer seven-string). Now Buddy, Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan have teamed up to give away one of only 25 Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS guitars.

Here’s the press release:

Win A Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell ‘Lightning Storm’ Shredder

Buddy Blaze Guitars has joined forces with Seymour Duncan and Floyd Rose to give away a very special guitar: The Buddy Blaze – Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS modeled after the historic guitar used by Campbell in his Whitesnake days.

In 1987, Buddy Blaze and Vivian Campbell designed the Buddy Blaze Shredder, the guitar that would ultimately become known as the Kramer Nightswan. With a scale length of 24 5/8″, floating Floyd Rose tremolo and a ‘bridge/middle’ pickup configuration (a Seymour Duncan Full Shred and a JB, respectively), the Shredder was a unique take on the ‘superstrat’ concept. When Blaze was drafted by Kramer, Campbell soon followed him. The ‘Lightning Storm’ Nightswan prototype was born, featuring the first appearance of the Full Shred as well as a similar finish to Dimebag Darrell’s Dean From Hell, another famous guitar Buddy is intrinsically linked to.

shredder black background“I was quite drawn to the idea of working one-on-one with a guy who simply wanted to build guitars, as opposed to a bigger company that was more concerned with marketing,” Campbell says. “I liked the idea of a short scale guitar. I had been playing Charvel/Jackson for a year or two before that, and whilst I certainly appreciated those instruments, there were certain features that were unnatural to me – one of which was the wide, flat and unfinished fretboard. Another was their 25 1/2 inch scale; although I have big hands, I liked the idea of a smaller instrument with a smaller neck as I tend to use my left hand thumb over the top of the neck when playing bar chords and that was difficult to do with larger, wider necks.”

To celebrate 25 years since the ‘Lightning Storm’ prototype was created, Buddy and Vivian have teamed up to offer the  Buddy Blaze Vivian Campbell 25th Anniversary Shredder VC-II / LS. Only 25 will be made, each with a unique lightning storm graphic hand-painted by Buddy. They’ll have an Original Floyd Rose tremolo with R1 nut (Titanium Floyd optional), the same Full Shred/JB pickup combination (with each Full Shred signed by Seymour W. Duncan), a Honduras Mahogany body, figured maple neck with 16″ radius ebony fretboard, 24 5/8″ scale length, Buddy Blaze-designed CTS pot, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Buddy and Vivian.

And you could win one. Simply enter on Facebook, and you could own one of these 25 historic guitars! Entries close on March 27th and giveaway is open worldwide.

Click here to enter: http://on.fb.me/Yy93Uq



Eddie Van Halen’s Diver Down/1984 Kramer Frankie for sale

Got a big pile of money sitting around, clogging up your hallways, tripping you over, hogging the spare room? Well might I suggest you divert it into this little acquisition:


That right there is one of Eddie Van Halen’s early Kramers, used on the Diver Down tour and during the recording of 1984. Built in 1982 by Paul Unkert (check out his current work here), it’s modelled on Eddie’s Frankenstein guitar, but with a Kramer twist most evident in the body and headstock shapes. In terms of Frankie-like features it has the large rough humbucker rout, the unused neck pickup, a pickup selector switch wedged into the middle pickup cavity, only a partial pickguard, maple fretboard, and a Floyd Rose tremolo. Who knows what the bridge pickup is? Eddie used a lot of different stuff in those days, much of which was rewound either by himself or by pros.


Just think – there’s every chance that this could have been the guitar used to record “Panama” or “Drop Dead Legs” or the solos on “Jump” or “Hot For Teacher.”


This guitar was traded to a chap named Pete Novo in return for a piece of studio gear. The guitar’s provenance is explained in this Rig Talk post, along with a lot of great photos, and it was profiled in The Guitar Collection Book (which is where the above pic is from) if you’d like to know more. And if you’re interested in adding this to your collection, call Brad at King Guitar.
If you can’t afford the guitar just now, check out The Guitar Collection Book. It’s not cheap, but what an amazing resource.

News & the awesome Kramer Pacer

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And, in celebration of the new Steel Panther album Balls Out, wrap your reading gear around this Kramer Pacer article I wrote! [geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]And CLICK HERE to buy a Pacer from Musician’s Friend.[/geo-out]

INTERVIEW: Satchel of Steel Panther

The Kramer Pacer, Satchel's weapon of choice. Click the pic for more info.

Okay, I can assure you this is not an April Fools joke. This morning I interviewed the inimitable Satchel of the mighty Steel Panther for Gibson.com. You can read the full interview here, but here’s a snippet.

How’s the new album coming along?

It’s been killer. We decided to record this album in five-song chunks. We picked our top five songs that we liked, then we picked our next five, then we picked our [expletive]-iest songs at the end. So far we’ve got 10 recorded and we’re doing the vocals on the last five right now. It sounds awesome and I’m not just saying that because I’m usually high on Oxycontin when I’m listening to it.

Any titles you can give away yet?

I think some of the titles are floating around in cyberspace. We performed one of the songs live. It’s called “Critter.” It’s about having sex with a girl.