Ibanez Dino Cazares DCM100

Ibanez DCM100 Dino Cazares

If anyone deserves an Ibanez signature guitar, it’s Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares. He’s been flying the flag for Ibanez seven-strings for a long time, and his inventive parts on Fear Factory songs like “Descent” in the late 90s were instrumental in showing folks that there was another way to use seven-strings beyond chugging out on the lowest string like everyone else was doing at the time. And now you can hear Dino’s influence all over modern metal. So Dino’s new signature model, the DCM100, is long overdue but very welcome. It features a mahogany body with KTS TITANIUM-reinforced maple/bubinga neck, rosewood fretboard with mother-of-pearl offset dots, Lo-Pro Edge 7 tremolo bridge, 26.5″ scale length, and Dino’s new signature Seymour Duncan Retribution active humbucker. Dino helped develop the EMG 707 and then the Seymour Duncan Blackout, so he has a lot of experience in voicing active pickups for metal. Look for more info on the Retribution pickups very soon. Click here to see Ibanez guitars on eBay.

Here’s a video of Dino talking about the new axe. Read More …

REVIEW: Ibanez RGIR28FE Iron Label 8-string

496-1Ibanez was at the forefront of 7-string guitar development when they launched the Universe more than 20 years ago, and they’ve continued to innovate in extended-range instruments at all price points, from inexpensive GIO 7-strings to J.Custom 8-strings. The Iron Label series of 6, 7 and 8-string guitars includes RG and S models all of which are designed specifically for metal players, yet the styling is clean and neat enough to appeal to, if not every player, then certainly a wide cross-section of the guitar community.

On paper, the RGIR28FE 8-string (I bought mine from Ibanez Guitar Centre) reads pretty similarly to much of the RG line: super-thin neck (in this case a five-piece Maple, Walnut Nitro Wizard-8 profile), Basswood body, Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard and Jumbo frets. Read More …