NAMM 2012: Year Of The Sea Foam Green

One thing that really, really stood out to me at NAMM this year was the prevalence of Sea Foam Green. It’s not quite blue, it’s not quite green, but it’s definitely cool this year. Hell, Steve Vai seems to like this shade so much that it features on his new signature Ibanez Jem70V Premium model and his new Carvin Legacy III amplifier. See?

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NAMM 2012: Carvin Legacy III Steve Vai signature amp

Awww. Look at the little Carvin Legacy III. Well, when I say little, I only mean in size, because this is a 100 watt amp. Or a 50 watt amp. Or a 15 watt amp. And it has EL34 power tubes! It’s a three-channel, rack mountable amp with foot switchable boost, and it’s available in optional Vai green which seems to match Steve’s new Sea Foam Green Ibanez Jem. Here’s some info from Carvin:


Carvin and legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai are proud to introduce the new Legacy 3 Series Amplifiers. This 100W all-tube 3-channel amp is the result of countless hours of design and development by Carvin engineers, working closely with Steve Vai, to develop the sound Steve demands and any guitarist can appreciate. The Legacy 3’s circuitry combines the best elements of the Legacy I and Legacy II, in a compact chassis. Channel 1 & 2 are the same as the original channel 1 & channel 2 circuitry found on the Legacy I. Channel 3 is a 2nd lead channel with a high gain switch. Features of the Legacy 3 include a master volume control, which controls the volume of all 3 channels without affecting preamp gain settings; a variable, footswitch controlled master boost; variable, channel-assignable reverb; and internal LED lighting which can have different colors assigned to each channel, MIDI in/through compatible with standard MIDI controllers, effect loop, bias and impedance switches, and much more.

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