REVIEW: Gibson USA Les Paul Studio 2013 Gold Series

StudioWhen Gibson first developed the Studio series, it was intended to be an affordable alternative to the top-shelf stuff. But then Gibson’s Epiphone division really stepped up and filled that niche, building affordable Les Pauls, SGs and the like with all the visual bling like binding and full inlays. That took some of the pressure off the Studio in terms of being an affordable Les Paul, and allowed it to become more of a stripped down Les Paul for its own sake: its own model playing by its own rules. So you you can get some pretty interesting guitars under the ‘Studio’ moniker. Guitars like the Gibson USA Les Paul Studio 2013 Gold Series. Read More …

REVIEW: 2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio

Once upon a time the Les Paul Studio was considered a budget Les Paul. Gibson achieved this by stripping away of some of the more labor-intensive visual touches like binding, transparent stain finishes and trapezoid inlays, in favour of unbound bodies, solid finishes and dot inlays.

But now Epiphone fills the budget side of the market quite nicely, so the Studio has moved up in the world. It’s been given nicer finishes and more deluxe appointments, and while it still comes in at less than the Traditional and Standard models, it’s generally considered more of a serious instrument today, worth looking at for its own merits, rather than the Les Paul you buy when you can’t afford a Standard.

It’s 29 years since the Studio was first introduced, and Gibson has given the model an overhaul for 2012. It’s now available in a wider range of colours including Vintage Sunburst, Fireburst, Wine Red, Ebony, Pelham Blue, Inverness Green (my favourite), Radiant Red and Silver Pearl, each finished in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. The Ebony and Silver Pearl versions feature black plastic trim while the others carry vintage-style cream appointments, and each model is available in both right- and left-handed configurations.

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REVIEW: Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute

Gibson unveiled their collaboration with guitar pioneer Les Paul in 1952, but it took a few years for the guitar to find its feet. In fact, despite the release of now-coveted models in 1958 and 1959, the Les Paul was – gasp! – discontinued by Gibson during 1961, not to resurface until 1968. The very idea of discontinuing the Les Paul is utterly unfathomable now, so it’s hard to think of it as just …gone. After its 1968 introduction, the Les Paul kicked around in various forms, and has done so ever since. The Les Paul Studio model was launched in 1983 to offer a cost-conscious alternative to the fully kitted-out Paul, and now there are several versions. While all are still made in the USA, a few clever little cost-cutting methods are used, particularly in the finish and cosmetics areas, to keep the price low while maintaining USA construction.

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The Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute is a limited run which pays tribute to, obviously, 60s Les Pauls, particularly the P90-loaded models that came out when the run resumed in 1968 – an often overlooked part of Les Paul history. The unbound chambered mahogany body has a carved maple top, but the finish is a rough matte affair rather than a thick glossy finish like some other Studios. Read More …