Melbourne Guitar Show. And I’m Playing!


Melbourne Guitar Show low res

Are you in Australia? Think you can get yourself to the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield on August 8 and 9 (which is really easy because there’s a train station right there)? Come along to the Melbourne Guitar Show! It’ll feature all sorts of displays, performances, seminars, workshops and even opportunities to buy gear right there on the day (which is exceedingly rare for a show like this in Australia). Performing artists include Jeff Lang, Lloyd Spiegel, Davidson Brothers, James Ryan, Simon Hosford, Nick Charles, King of the North, Racer Axe and many more, one of whom is …me! I’ll be playing a set of instrumental progressive-rock-shred-metal-fusion with my trio, which includes Geoff Mison of Pony Music and Defryme on drums and my former Upperhand bandmate Rohan Drew on bass. We’ll be onstage at midday on Saturday August 9. Come along! Here’s the press release: Read More …

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REVIEW: Lloyd Spiegel – Live In Japan

The first time I saw Lloyd Spiegel, he was rocking the old Espy Public Bar in St Kilda with a scorching set of electric blues. His new DVD, Live in Japan, showcases his brilliant acoustic playing in a small venue on behalf of guitar company Cole Clark.

With the backing of Cole Clark, as well as a few interview segments where Spiegel talks glowingly of the Melbourne company’s innovative acoustic guitars, it would be tempting to see this DVD as just a promotional item for the company, but that would be doing this excellent concert film a disservice. From the very first fingerpicked flurry of notes in set opener ‘Statesboro Blues,’ it becomes apparent that this is a demonstration of finely honed, honest and powerful acoustic blues by a player who has unbelievable command over the instrument.

Lots of close-ups and crisp audio production present Spiegel’s Cole Clark acoustics in their best light (although in a few spots a microphone stand gets in the way of seeing exactly what his fingers are doing, dammit!), and the clarity of every note is outstanding, but there’s a lot to enjoy here even for non guitar-playing blues fans, including a monster version of ‘Killing Floor’ and the sinister ‘Guilty.’ There’s also a touching ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ which recalls Billy Thorpe’s famous rendition, yet could also be at home on a Gov’t Mule album.

Spiegel’s technique never falters and he has a very cool way of pushing the beat at times without ever sounding like he’s rushing. His open-string speedy fingerpicking licks could put a lot of shredders to shame, yet the quieter moments are just as powerful.

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